HoliwoodNights and Coastermania

Well I am pleased to read that Holiwood Nights is May 31-Jun 1 and then Coastermania is Jun 7. We could possibly attend both this year. Now I was one of the crazies on Mammoth last year in the 40+ degree weather. If it is that cold again I may forfeit some early water rides but still fun. Has there been any word on Timberliners there this year? Then Coastermania with Gatekeeper should be fantastic as well the next week. Then I just read that Aug 10th is Beastbuzz. This could be a great year!

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Last I heard they are resuming timberliner testing as soon as it is warm enough, and they remain hopeful. I really hope I can make this event this year, as it is my favorite event and one of my favorite parks. And the frigid weather last year made for some spectacular ERT on Wildebeest, and of course Mammoth was fun, too.

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I just made our reservation at Santa's Lodge for Holiwood Nights. I can't wait. My family had a great time last year.


We have stayed there the last two Holiwood Nights and enjoyed our stay there as well.

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