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After lurking around here for about 4 years, my wife and my checkbook finally gave me the okay to write Jeff a check for $20.00 and to send in my registration to Paula. HoliWood Nights will be my first ever coaster event. Other than the great info posted by Paula on the HW website, it there any additional information that anyone can give me to help make a virgin's first time special? (About how many people usually attend? What is the wait time for a ride during ERT? Is there anyone that I need to make sure to keep out of my tent while at Lake Rudolph? How many bottles of vodka should I bring?)

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They start letting people in about a hour before the park closes to the public. Thats one tip and if you haven't ridden Raven and Legend ride them first in that order to get the wow, Terrific, Holy! experience or you might be a little anticipointed in the first two. They are great coasters for what they are. Voyage is another level.

Nightime is a completely totally different experience like riding them again for the first time!.

Depends on how well its attended, Last year was probably under half the attendance as normal due to them hosting the ACE con later in the year. This year Waldameer has a event on their new coaster.

Raven and Legend will have minimal waits, Possibly rerides. Voyage will range from 45 minutes down to about five minutes and possibly even rerides the second night toward the end.

Have fun. Hope to meet you

Thanks -

While I have been to HW many times and know the coasters well, I have never done the "event" thing. Also have never been able to get a night time ride on any of the coasters. Looking so forward to doing Raven in the dark.

Life is an amusment park -and I can't get off of the damn spinning teacups!
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You're in for a treat, Kraven! :)

mOOSH (10 days and counting...YAY!)

EDIT - re: wait times during ERT. Obviously how long you wait depends on where you're sitting. Front and rear seats queues will be longer. ERT lines are heaviest at the start of ride time and dwindle as the night goes on. Voyage will have the longest wait, followed by Raven, then Legend (at least that's my experience).

As for actual wait times...don't worry about 'em. You'll be so busy being social in line and talking to like-minded people you won't notice.

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Heh, here is another year where I was hoping to make it to this but something else (very fun) got in the way!

OR...you might try Legend first, then Raven and Voyage for that wow, Terrific, HOLY! effect. ;)

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He's been to the park before...no need to ride them in a specific order. lol
Thanks for the comments. Having a real difficult time waiting. I have been wanting to do this for three years now.

As far as the Terrific, HOLY! effect, I will probably do a lap or two around the Raven track, walk by and take a look at Legend, and head on down the hill to Voyage. Can not wait to ride Raven and Voyage in the dark. I have never been a real fan of the Legend (sorry Paula). The first year or two after it was built, I rode the crap out of it every time we went to HW, but after that it seemed to start beating the crap out of me. If it were at any other park, I would probably love it, but with the other two increadable woodies at HW, it just seems to fail in comparison. (However, if I see that there are no lines, I may give it another shot. Hell, any coaster is worth a walk on ride, except maybe SOB at KI).

Life is an amusment park -and I can't get off of the damn spinning teacups!
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And if you're "lucky", you'll get to play Coaster 20 Questions! ;) Are we there yet?

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As Moosh mentioned, the front and back seats on all three woodies are the LONGEST waits, especially on Voyage. I usually go for the shortest lines since I have no patience. ;) However, I DO need my "front seat visual" ride on Voyage before it gets dark. ;)

You will LOVE the event, Kraven, and will want to come back every year! There is not much advice I can give you, just go with the flow and enjoy it all! ERT is VERY high energy and VERY fun!

Plus the pizza and the dinner on Saturday night is the BOMB!

Can't wait to see you again, Moosh!


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