Holiwood Nights photos added to Negative-G

Posted | Contributed by Paul Drabek

Photos from Holiday World's Holiwood Nights coaster enthusiast event have been posted to Negative-G. Includes Bahari River, Gobbler Getaway and of course The Voyage.

Link: Negative-G

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Nice shirts, Craig & Gage. ;)
Ha, I'm in one of those photos. Page seven, orange shirt. My girlfriend pointed out to me that my toe was over the orange line. Sorry Paula. :)
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Page 6, third photo down, that's me with the pony tail. With all the pictures that were taken I figured I would end up in at least one or two somewhere. :)
Yeah good photos. That is me with taping right behind Jeff and his girl in that photo. There are some other shots of me taping from behind in there. The walk-back photos look very similar to a lot of other people's photos too. ;)
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Excellent photos. =) It's so amazing. I've never been to an event but watching Bond grow up over the last few years has been really cool. He's getting so big!

Maybe later this year I can con the hubby into heading down to HW.

Hey Jeff! Same photo you're in, my forehead makes an appearance. I agree Kenmei, Bond is shooting up fast. Thanks Paul for the pics, as usual you do a great job.
Judging by the size of the crowds at Holiwood Nights, I'm still glad that I had my media day opportunity, and bowed out of HN. I would not have had the same number of rides on Voyage(52).

But, where's all of the reports on Beech Bends Rumblefest?

I got at least 20 Voyage rides, without even trying, it wasn't that bad at all.
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Spending time with friends is sometimes even better than the coasters themselves. It was great seeing all of you again!
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^ So true. Even when the coasters are THAT good, meeting up with my "adopted family" is even better. Thanks to HW and everyone who attended for making the event all that it is....

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