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well i have to say this was my first trip out to santa claus and i was completely blown away. The event was spectacular, meeting all the people was great as was the service, and the woodies were world class.

I got to the park around 5 on friday night and headed straight to the voyage. AWESOME 10/10. This ride starts out with the big hill and just doesn't let up, very fast with lots of forces. The lines weren't that bad either, i got in about 10 laps on the big guy and waited a half hour twice (once for the back seat). Once the sun goes down it goes into hyperdrive, one of the greatest rides i have ever had on a coaster was the backseat in the pitchback, great air on the big hills in the begining and just out of control for the rest of it. Its the kind of ride where you have to remember to breath. Fantastic my new favorite wooden coaster.

I love dark rides so i got lots of trips on the new gobbler getaway, a cool dark ride but still need to work out the kinks in some of the scenes. The first scene really gave me a mr.toad feel. And granny in the queue is probably on of the creepiest animatronics ever made.

Legend was running solid all weekend and never had a line any time i road it, Raven had its troubles but still gave a great ride.

The photo walkback gave lots of good pics, and there was a whole bunch of sweaty tired picture taking enthusiasts by that point in the day.

Food was good my favorites were the fudge on friday night and the FRIED OREOS, i had never seen them before.

Splashin Safari gave some good times, even though i didn't think too much of the new barahi action river. But i could ride the combination of Zinga and Jungle Racers all day

Great times, and if theres one next year you can bet i'd be there.


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I rode Voyage with you! (The Mr. Six's Pandamonium shirt is such a standout!)
Great TR, I also enjoyed the fudge, and they had so many flavors of it too! I was on sugar overload by Saturday night.

And I just love how granny has rubbed the hair off of the cat. Poor kitty! I must have ridden that ride about 35 times or more.

Hey, look at picture #28 in the photos. My son is the one in the bottom right. It was our first trip to HW and we all LOVED it. My son took some good video on the walkback as well.
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Lol, in photo #28, my girlfriend is in it.

what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard.
Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it.
I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

I should be in a bunch of pictures as I was able to grab a first row ride while the tour was going on. There were tons of people lined up all over the course. The girl behind me kept yelling, "Suckers". It was quite amusing. Wonder if anyone heard/understood her?

Yeah is Good!

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