Holiwood Nights & Rumblefest 2006

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I wasn't going to write a trip report but I decided to share some of my thoughts about the weekend.

My wife Beth and I stayed at Spring Mill State Park on Thursday. We were driving from Wabash, In. We checked out the village there the next day. It's a nice place. Check it out if your in the area.

I locked my keys in the car. It took me over an hour to get them out. I used the antenna from the car and I destroyed the seal around the door. I got out of there around 2pm and noticed how warm the weather was getting. I love hot weather, but not as much when the car AC dosn't work.

We arrived at Santa's Lodge and relaxed for a few. I set my watch one hour ahead then figured out later at the park that it was 5:00 and not 7:00 which was disappointing since I was hungry.

It is fun watching all the people come into the pavilion. I met many new people. I loved Mrs. Koch's prayer later. It was rather emotional for me and made me feel really good.

Voyage was great.

After 2 days of fantastic fun at Holiday World it was off to Beech Bend on Sunday.

I stopped at the first hotel I could find that was close to the park. It was $35 for the night and I slept better there than at Santa's Lodge. I guess it had alot to do with the air conditioner at Santa's that was loud and clunky. It woke me up several times.

I had never been to Beech Bend. The road that leads to Beech Bend is interesting and really makes you feel like your driving somewhere really different. The people were glad that I came. In fact the woman said that they were glad I could come.

Beech Bend had some nice and new looking landscaping outside the gate. I hope they continue to do some landscaping in the park. It could use it. Some weeping willows by the pond might be nice. I liked the Southern Magnolia tree that was close to the haunted house. It is in bloom and the flowers smell wonderfull.

As I walked through the park it reminded me of a fair. Most of the rides and buildings are portable. The walkways are pretty wide and it makes the place seem very uncrowded.

I took in a few rides. I loved old dark rides so the haunted house was very cool for me. I waited for the front seat for Rumbler. I'm glad I did because later during ERT the line for the front seat got about 6 times longer.

Rumbler is an incredibly reridable coaster which is how I feel about most of the GCIs I have ridden. The ride is very comfortable and smooth in every seat. It is a playfull coaster that I didn't want to quit riding. Definatly a big thumbs up on the fun factor for this ride.

I loved the Wild Mouse also. The only spinning mouse I have been on was Kennywood's 2 years ago so I was anxious to try this ride, yet I was scared of the spinning. Beth and I sat in the middle seats and didn't spin at all on our first ride so we rode again later. Next time we sat on the end and spun. It was fun and suprisingly did not make me ill. I loved it and we rode again.

It was dark when I headed to Looping Star. I had not ridden it and it was suppose to close in 5 minutes. I was actually not going to ride it because I heard nothing but bad things about it and all those things were true. The ride is uncomfortable.

I left around 11:00 which was too bad because the crowd had thinned and the middle seats were walk ons, but my wife was tired.

All in all in was a great weekend. Alot of excitment and energy. I love riding with large groups of entusiasts. I met many people. Engaged in many conversations about coasters with complete strangers. The food was great. I can't wait for my next event. I can't beleive my last one was Coastermania 2002. I won't wait that long next time.

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My band "The Cedar Kings". "Ordinary Day" a trip report in song.


I hope you had a great time, It was sure nice meeting you on Friday!


Thanks Chuck, I had a phenominal time.

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