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Raven - having attended events at the park since 1999 I'd say Raven is running the best I've ever experienced. Smooth, fast, and insane. The train used to pause before taking the infamous 5th drop but now it just sails right into it. Kudos to the park for keeping this in amazing shape...especially the lake turn which is "like butta." Total number of rides taken during the event: 12.

Legend - IMHO a big improvement over last year. I hear people say it's not as intense as it used to be but honestly I think it's just overshadowed by the other two vastly superior coasters in the park. Total ridesn taken: 7.

Voyage - Wow has this ride really broken in nicely since last year's event, especially the out-bound hills. Running insanely fast and very smooth with only one notable exception: the turn between the third 90* and the hop over the lift. It was a bit..."crunchy" but better than last year IMHO.

Over all the ride has not lost an ounce of intensity and I still find myself amazed at the sheer speed and power of the ride as the train passes thru the final two tunnels. I can't imagine a more perfect coaster but I'd like to see someone try to built it, lol. After two days of power riding Voyage with occasional breaks for Raven and Legend I do not have a single bruise or ache except for my feet, having been on them quite a bit. Total Voyage rides taken: well over 30, including 2 back-to-back front seat and 4 back-to-back last car [front row] in the last 15-or-so mins of ERT on Saturday night.

Wait Times - the longest I waited over both nights was about 20 mins for Voyage's first and last rows, except for my double front ride on Voyage mentioned above. Othwise I don't think I waited more than 10 mins for any other row on any other coaster. Voyage's middle rows were a walk-on in the final hour of both nights and multiple rerides were a cinch. Ride ops allowed riders to stay in rows if your queue was empty or fill an empty seat after you vacated yours.

For those of you who've decided to attend ACE Con instead of HWN: a BIG thanks for making this year's HoliWood Nights into a marathon riding paradise!

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HWN was awesome! HW was throwing a bonVoyage party and my butt was the guest of honor. I have never been on Raven and Legend running as fast as they were. And all the stuff about Voyage just having floating air is not true any longer. There is major ejector air all over and first couple hills were just like ST. Great rides and a great time.
This weekend provided my first night rides on Voyage. Absolutely unbelievable! Many many many thanks to HW for putting on a great event!

I couldn't help but laugh at Paula referring to me while mic'ed as "the guy who emails her" after I won the Raven flag auction. Spend a couple email chats with her and suddenly you're labeled! ;)

- DJ

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Another HUGE thanks to HW for hosting us. Another exceptional event. I also thought Raven and Legend were running better than last year, possibly as a by-product of Voyage having BEEN built, allowing for more maintenance time than while Voyage was *being* built.

As unbelievable as it might sound, I do think Voyage got a little better than last year. "Topping" Voyage? Sure, go ahead and try! :)

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Unless a woodie similar (length, in the woods, non-stop speed) to Voyage is built, I don't see it being topped.

Thanks to Holiday World for another fabuloso event! Your hospitality and hard work is greatly appreciated! *** Edited 5/21/2007 5:48:10 PM UTC by Acoustic Viscosity***

AV Matt
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Great weekend, great weather, GREAT new water slide (Bakuli rocks!), and all around great event! Thanks to Holiday World for once again *proving* why they get so much praise.

Raven and Legend (Legend in particular) are running unbelievably well this year, and Voyage was nothing short of a show stopper. Night rides on this monster were some of the best I've had on any coaster, ever. There's just nothing else that comes close. By the end of the night, I just couldn't take anymore. :)

I do agree with that one section near the hop under the station Moosh. It's not what I'd call rough by any means, but it feels different than the rest of the ride, which is running even smoother than it's opening year.

Absolutely awesome event. I had so much fun I don't even know where to start. Big thanks to the Kochs as always for hosting us crazy people...again!

Saturday night, much to my surprise, a guy sat down next to me on The Voyage who turned out to be *THE* famous or should I say infamous...Nasai! It was great finally meeting you Rob! Oh and thanks for informing me it's "Pew AL up". ;) I might have to hit you up for some more Japan trip tips too.

How many more days til HWN 3?

I survived a Japanese typhoon and the Togo flat ride of death!!!!!!
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I am still on a natural HIGH from the weekend. I can't thank Pat, Will, Paula, and all the AWESOME peeps at HW for the most amazing event EVER!

All three woodies were running BETTER THAN EVER this year in my opinion. Words can't even describe the nightime ERT, ESPECIALLY on Voyage. It was BEYOND surreal. That second DIVE into darkness was bliss.....freakin' BLISS!

It was great to see all my friends again who I don't get to see very often. It was by far the BEST event I have ever attended, and one of the most insane/awesome/special/kickass weekends of my life.

The friends, the FOOD, the quality WOOD, the weather, the bumper boats, the Plymouth Cafe (which ROCKS OUT by the way!) the Turkey Whirl, the PERFECT weather, and the atmosphere was just....almost emotional (I am TRYING to keep this clean..LOL!) The whole weekend, including a trip to KI ended without a hitch. ROCK ON!

Oh, and Nasai showing up was the icing on the cake. ;) That last Voyage ride with ya was the bomb, baby! :)

WHEW! What a weekend. I am a happy camper!


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