Holidays bring crowds to Orlando

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Disney's Magic Kingdom closed for two hours on Christmas day as the park reached capacity. Disney reports that their hotels are nearing capacity for the new year, while Universal reports that their hotels are sold out.

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Anyone know what the parks might be like on Jan 4th and 5th? Hopefully, people will be heading back to their homes in preparation for the return to school and the parks won't be too bad?

We went last year from the 1st of Jan. through the 5th and it was packed everyday! Although by the 5th it was slowing down, it was still crazy!


Yeah, I went there last year and it was absolute chaos! We went to parks on random days between Dec. 26th and Jan. 5th. The only place that wasn't crazy was Sea World. Although, there was even a decent amount of people there. I would think that the 5th won't be too bad this year, since it is a Sunday.
Sea World isn't expecting that many crowds that day. It slowly deminishes after New Years.

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I was hoping that most kids would have to be back at school on Monday the 6th making the 4th and 5th travel days. Is that just wishful thinking?

That's what we thought too! But no deal! Packed to the gills!


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I am waiting until the 6th to start my amusement park tour. Hopefully, everything will calm down to a crawl!!

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A good friend of mine is down there right now and said Busch Gardens was packed to capacity and also heard that the Disneys were pretty swamped.
I don't think he is going to the Disney parks because of that. He also said Wild Adventures in Georgia was packed.

He did say Sea World wasn't too bad though, and managed to get about 8 rides on Kraken. He was going to IOA today.

I would much rather go to the Florida parks before or after the Holidays!!!

Are the California parks this crowded during the Holidays?


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Two words - "Off Season". There is no better time to go to the Florida parks.

I've had the same experience with the So. Cal. parks, but not quite as extreme.

How do you know when it is? Just watch air & hotel rates. When they're low, it's the off season.

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From a first hand perpective, the crowds at Disney World were incredible. I was there with my family from the 23-27 (i got back last night) and the parks were packed. I was at the magic kingdom thursday, and only got one ride on space mountain because line were at 100 minutes or more for most of the day. There were so many people that it was difficult at times just to walk through the park. Disney/MGM had it almost as bad, and the other parks were also really crowded. I was lucky enough to go to blizzard beach on a cloudy day, so there were no lines and I got a ton of rides on everything. I have been to cedar point on a saturday in august, and those crowds didnt even compare to what disney world was like this week.

I never knew so many people visit Walt Disney World parks on Christmas day! I find it amazing that MK had to close its doors for two hours. I always thaought that parks would be dead on Christmas day, but I was completely wrong.

I am happy to see the attendance slowly rising in Orlando. Hopefully they can continue this trend and start making money.

That's pretty much how it's been historically, though 2001 was a bit quieter than normal.
I was at Busch Gardens on Friday and it was pretty packed. Kumba was actually the longest line- 1 hr or more, which shocked me. Gwazi had a 10 minute wait and Montu was less than a half hour.
Hmm... that's interesting. I was at IOA on the 27th, and the hotel had 200 rooms available. At least, that's what the valet guy told us.

It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time!!!! Disney losing money...oh I wish I could give some sympathy but with a multi billion dollar business, there isn't too much grief I can muster. Yeah for IOA! screw you six flags

As soon as Six Flags Magic Mountain starts to treat guests nicely and stops adding these coasters that are never open, then will Cedar Point not need to feel the need for more. Therefore, more money will be spent on ValleyFair and everyone in Minnesota w

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