Holiday World's new additions make Chicago paper.

Short article of what we already know. Just surprised this made a Chicago newspaper.

Holiday World.

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

So cool! I know a few Chicagoans going to Holidayworld for the first time this summer! One pair staying for a couple days! See, good word (and treatment by HW) pays off!

On the other hand, I know people who will no longer go to Great America (despite me telling them it's getting better and the best Six Flags park). They'd rather go to carnivals!

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I am not surprised. It seems as they are always expanding their market and Chicago may be there next big market in a few years. I know that it may not make sense with so many parks closer especially the Six Flags in Gurnee. However, nothing is impossible.
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I'm glad to see this. Holiday World deserves the attention!
Gee, thanks for noticing. :)

If you look just below the headline, you'll see the words "Associated Press." That's golden in the publicity world ... a local article can get "picked up" and end up running all over the country once it's on the AP wire.

That's the AP story that resulted from our YouTube announcement last fall ... it's amazing how a story like that will linger (it really doesn't become outdated until a month from now, when we open for the season).

Regarding expanding "markets," that's really for advertising, not PR. We've been in the Chicago, New York, Orlando, L.A., etc. publications for years, often as wire stories and sometimes as individual travel features. This is based on the editors' interest and doesn't involve paid advertising.

In fact, the above-mentioned AP article ran in a newspaper about 1,000 miles away last fall -- and Will Koch received a copy in the mail from a park owner who, with a grin, wrote, "get off my turf!"

Class dismissed!

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Holiday World

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