Holiday World to host a "digital opening day" on May 2

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From the press release:

Since opening day for Holiday World has been postponed to early June due to COVID-19, the park will be hosting a Digital Opening Day starting with a welcome from park President Matt Eckert and Fourth-Generation Owner Leah Koch and ending with a fireworks show followed by a sweepstakes drawing for free tickets at 9PM Central Time.

“We may not be able to welcome guests through our gates on May 2 as we had originally planned,” says fourth-generation owner, Leah Koch, “but we’re going to celebrate it just the same.”

On May 2, the park will release videos every hour between 9AM and 9PM Central Time. In addition to the fireworks show, they’ll release entertainment videos, cooking tutorials for making your own Holiday World food at home, and a special chat with park president Matt Eckert, and fourth-generation owners Lauren Crosby and Leah Koch. The park will also host an appreciation hour for all healthcare workers and essential workers.

To help families bring Holiday World home, the park has created Holidog’s Digital FunTown including interactive videos, printable worksheets, and content for kids of all ages at home. In addition to workout, magic and cooking videos, adults can also enjoy Spotify playlists and the Holiday World Podcast.

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How many generations of the family have been owners now?

Nothing to see here. Move along.

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I was wondering the same thing, but the release wasn't clear on that.


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Maybe someone could ask Dan. 😂

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It's all educated guessing and spin, anyway. I read a blog that said it could be anywhere from 2nd generation to 12th generation but it wasn't peer reviewed.

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Well, let’s see. Louis was the old man, his son was Bill, who married Pat, their kids were Will, Dan, and Natalie (and others) then the park went to Will’s wife and his girls. So however many that is.

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Jeff said:

Maybe someone could ask Dan. 😂

With all the differing opinions on that other thread you want to summon him? What's next? The Stay Puffed Marshmallow Man?

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