Holiday World to charge $5 for free drinks?

Is Paula now working in food? Discuss.

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HW isn't the only park with the policy anymore and I doubt Paula would quote the F bomb in a GR Role even if the guy said it.Yes HW charges for the free drinks. It is included in your ticket price. The also offset some cost by Pepsi sponsorship.How much it is, I don't know. AND DONT CARE I know what Im spending not what I'll have to spend later just to enjoy myself.Chuck

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Charles, did you even read the article? It's a joke. Calm down.


The funny part (after dealing with customers on a regular basis), is that this sounds like it COULD be an actual conversation.

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About 22 yrs ago, I was a night MGR at a Red BArn restaurant. 
We always had people asking questions like: 
'How many pieces in a 12 piece bucket of chicken?"
We even had people ask how pieces were in a 21 piece barrel, 
and were two of the pieces the barrel and lid (which, like a KFC bucket,
 are cardboard...
If you want to try something fun, go to your nearest 
Aunt Annies at the mall and 
ask for a bakers dozen of sticks and see how many you get.

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They shouldn't cal it free at all. As for the chicken in the bucket, I don't consider the barrel or the lid as pieces of chicken and if I order a 21 piece chicken bucket then I expect to get at least 21 pieces not 12 or 16.

Chuck, if you can name another theme park in "Santa Claus, IN" that has a free soft drink policy by all means share.

Geeze. It's funny, people. Laugh. Don't get all pissy.

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What time does the 4:00 parade start?

Who is buried in Grant's tomb?

That said, maybe the person thought he was at Hardee's, where the Six Dollar cheeseburger retails for about four bucks...

--Dave Althoff, Jr.

Oh, I can absolutely believe that conversation happened, and I don't know how Paula's name got in this, it wasn't her post to begin with.

"Yes, what night is the New Years Eve dance?"

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"What time is the 10-o-clock Summer Spectacular?"

(While boarding Paddle Wheel Excursions) "Excuse me Captain, does this ride go upside down?"

(Pointing at MF) "Where is Magnum Force?"


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^LOL! People crack me up sometimes. Blue Side, that article was funny as hell! I like the site too. Being in printing/customer service I have seen/heard it all.

My favorite one was "How much are your 49 cent color copies?"

We were open on Labor Day and we had one customer actually walk into the store saying "Are you guys open?"

I wanted to say "Finally you are here! We were open just for you! Now we can close the store down!"

As Bill Engvall would say...."Here's your sign!"



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It is the old open mouth before engaging brain syndrome. I was at a florist shop on Valentines Day buying flowers for my wife. As I am writing the check I asked the clerk "what is today's date?"

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The worst for me... calls after calls at the alley:
"What time does your midnight bowling start?"

Kinda sad how some people are when they don't think before they speak.
"What time you open until?"
-- "We're open until close".

In 2005 I was at the MF Freeway merge point and a guy came up to me and asked, "How much does that free thing cost?"

Good times.

I used to work in a video store and would regularly have people come up to the door 30 seconds after business hours and try to return a movie.

When they found out they had a late fee the next day, they'd say something like "But you guys were still in the store!," or "My watch said 11:00 PM."

Coaster Junkie from NH
I drive in & out of Boston, so I ride coasters to relax!

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