Holiday World teases coaster changes for 2016

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A new tunnel for The Legend?

An inversion?

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Seems wierd to add an inversion on to a coaster. I guess hades did it. I hope they at least they add something.

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Why not a new element? Better question is, why? The coaster is one of the top ranked wooden rides in the world....

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It seems unlikely they'd add an inversion to such a great coaster; but then, I thought Cedar Fair would never make Mantis a floorless coaster...

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Based on the video showing the Legend trains being refurbished, I have my doubts about an inversion being added on that ride. Why bother with a refurbishment of the existing trains?

We know they toyed around with Timberliners on Voyage, so that seems to be the most likely candidate to make the transformation.

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I've always wanted to go to Holiday World, but for some reason, this video made me want to go even more. Not even because they're teasing changes (I want to ride the original rides before they change them actually), but actually because the video was so adorably cheesy and fun. I'm charmed. Heh...

Wasn't Voyage slowed to a crawl at the MCBR? Maybe that wasn't just to reduce wear on the trains and track but also to test something regarding velocity for a safe inversion. I'm wildly speculating here. It does seem to be geared towards Legend...but maybe it's a FEW things.

Maybe it's an RMC.

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Maybe Voyage is getting Topper Track, a corkscrew where that hop over the lift is, and PTC 360 trains? :)

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Given the un-tunneled to tunneled ratio currently on Legend, maybe they should just tunnel the entire thing.

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Why does "element" automatically cause people to make the logical leap to "inversion"?

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Mostly because Gravity Group now builds coasters that include them, and as mentioned earlier one was added to Hades. It could be a new bunny hop...or strobe lights in all the tunnels....or a splashdown. ;-)

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Or an inversion in a tunnel...

I always laugh when I hear people say things like "nells" instead of "nails". I thought that was an Ohio speech thing.

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I've never once heard anyone say "nells" and I've lived in Ohio my whole life. It's definitely not a northeast Ohio thing.


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I think you get the i -> e thing in some rural areas of Ohio. A friend of mine grew up near Shelby, and said things like "melk" and "pellow." Now that I think about it, I once knew a guy who pronounced the name Dale as "Dell" too.

And then there's the pin-pen merger, which is more like... "pyieen."

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My boss is from southern Ohio and says some of those words. My favorite being 'color,' which comes out sounding like 'collar.'


What we have is pin, which is a pin, or an inkpin which is a pen.

And Brian, you need to get out of northeast Ohio more. There's quite a dialectical (is that a word?) difference between northern and southern Ahiya. I'm in Columbus which is technically south central, but we are fraught with the southern dialect. My joke is that the good folks of Kentucky came up Rt 23 and drove until their trucks quit, right around the south end of Columbus.

By the way, we all set down and watch the Stillers play football every Sunday.

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Here's hoping that, should HW decide to add an inversion to any of their woodies, it turns out to be Legend.

Raven is the perfect "starter woodie" as is, and The Voyage should only be maintained - it cannot be improved. (IMO). It would be like trying to add a sound system to SFNE's Ride of Steel...pointless and likely only to the detriment of the ride.

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I stayed in a hotel once in Charlotte, and the clerk repeatedly asked if I had a "pay it." I asked her three times what she said, and finally she said, "You know, a cay-it or dawg?"

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RCMAC said:

And Brian, you need to get out of northeast Ohio more.

I agree, but I'm poor so I can't really travel much. Disney would definitely hate me. ;) I was very lucky to be able to experience Kings Island for the first time this year, and I'm making an effort to go back there once a year from now on. And a visit to Carowinds is tentatively on my 2016 agenda.

And while we're on the subject of dialects and accents, I was visiting my friend in Avon Lake last weekend and she pronounced better as "butter". She said "I hope I get butter soon" or something along those lines because she wasn't feeling well that weekend. I thought it was kind of weird that someone would want to eat butter, which is what I thought she was saying.


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Not just butter, but deep fried butter. So amazing.

Yall can come ride stormchaser with me, and don't forget to warsh your hands before you eat. Sure enough it will be a hoot.

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