Holiday World taps GCI to retrack and reprofile parts of The Legend roller coaster

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Holiday World is celebrating its 70th birthday season with some changes to its "middle child," The Legend. Much of the ride will be retracked, and reinforced structure will also be added in places. There will be a new double-down added right after the helix, as well a new tunnel. Owners Leah Koch and Lauren Crosby, along with VP James Olliver, announce the changes in this video:

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What a terrific idea!

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Sounds fun.

I actually thought Legend was running pretty well this August but none of this will hurt.

I wonder what HW going with GCI means from a business-decision perspective.

^ It simply means GCI can provide not only great design/engineering but also a crew to help get the work done. We were looking for both this time around.

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GCI still builds new rides, but a large (and seemingly increasing) portion of their business is in retracking/rebuilding. From my experience and perspective, the results have been mixed, but *mostly* good....

Certainly very hopeful for Legend, the Jan of the Brady girls...

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Holiday World has posted an updated POV of The Legend.

The changes to the end of the ride seem subtle enough that anyone except Holiday World enthusiasts might not even realize the ride is different than in years past. It will be good to hear some reviews of the updates after Holiwood Nights.

It's obvious they are still putting the finishing touches on the ride updates. Hopefully those include help for the "PTC screech" you can hear. I know The Legend is more prone due to the amount of turning during the ride, but I seem to think some years it has squealed less than others.

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The only changes I see is the pullout of the first drop and the last few hops at the end. It's a subtle difference that should hopefully allow Legend to run smoother for years to come. I hope you don't mind, I put together a side by side...

I was hoping those would play side by side and synced...

If the camera shake is indicative of the difference GCI made in the ride then I say BRAVO! The second video was amazing!

But then again, what do I know?

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Rob, how is Legend this year? Much better ride now?

It is a very nice improvement (rode it last week) but the coaster that is shining right now is Raven. That ride is running the best I've ever experienced. I'm usually one of those weird ones that likes Legand just a little more but not this trip. I was blown away.

Voyage is running well, I actually approve of the MCBR as it makes the back portion not as insane and in the morning before the track heats up I can actually marathon the ride.

Mammoth in Splashing Safari got new tubes this year which now look like every other family raft ride. They tend to spin more, making the ride better. Something was wrong with Zoombabwe and it wasn't running all day nor was the slide complex by Thunderbird (which looks so out of place, got to think that slide complex is not long for this world)

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I think that collection of slides way over yonder was Dan Koch's last thing. Great visionary that he was...

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I'm surprised those slides haven't disappeared like so many of dans posts here did that one time he was off his meds.

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