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Monday, August 4, 2003 2:06 PM
I made my second trip to HW on Saturday with my friend James, and we had an awesome time! It rained about half the day, but, as much as I usually whine about rain at the parks, it didn't stop me from just totally enjoying HW. We started with THE LEGEND, and we were not disappointed. Out near the helix we hit the curves so hard twice that the train moaned and squeeked through it. And the way they have set ZINGA at the turnaround halfway through the ride, it's gives it a totally new feel. By the time we got seated on THE RAVEN it was pouring down rain, and they did NOT close the rides, (Somewhat of a new concept if you go to PKI often enough). On our first RAVEN ride of the day I had mixed feelings. The ride seemed even better on wet tracks, more out of control, (if that's possible!?). On the down side, we were getting pelted by 60mph raindrops, and visually missed most of the ride. Still a great coaster though. After a really good and very reasonably priced lunch we went back out and rode Ragin' Rapids since we were totally soaked anyway. Splashin' Safari was incredible too. I haven't been there since they added ZOOMBABWE & ZINGA, and they just made me a fan of waterparks ...again! ZINGA lived up to it's hype, and then some, what a rush! If you ride it: the goal everybody has is to get above the first blue box on the first wall. ZOOMBABWE was...shall we say....a flyin' dark ride? After we rounded the first curve it was total blackness. Now back to the dry world. LIBERTY LAUNCH was surprising. Have rode so many launch towers I thought this was rather elementary, but at only 80ft. it kicked two 200+ lb. guys out of their seats twice, and was very memorable. One of the best parts was standing in line and picking out the people who would freak the most as they were launched. You are within arms reach of people from the front of line. Lastly was the HALLOWSWINGS. Do not underestimate the fun you'll have on this ride, it may look very kiddy-esqe, but it packs a punch. Then, before we left we hit LEGEND & RAVEN A couple more times each, and that was our day at HOLIDAY WORLD!! Thank You to Theme Park Adventure for the tickets.

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