Holiday World Opening Weekend

I needed a road trip so I thought I would see a couple friends in St. Louis and then trek over to Holiday World for Sunday of opening weekend.

First off, the new road running south off I-64 to Santa Claus is awesome! Very nice four-lane with regular exits and a much easier trip. The fastest way in now is Exit 57A off I-64 instead of exit 54.

In a manner of speaking, the place was practically deserted on Sunday. It was Mothers Day and there's lots of flooding in the general area so that's understandable.

Pat was out front greeting guests and was very friendly as usual. Not many people entering just past opening time so I chatted with her for 10 minutes or so.

Anyway....It was actually better than event ERT except for no fellow riders. The first couple rides of the day on Voyage were a little rougher than I like but it settled in once things warmed up. After the initial couple laps I took a break to do Pilgrim's Plunge and then came back and took six rides alternating between back and front before moving on to the Raven and Legend for awhile. Raven was running well.

Legend seemed a little "off" for the first couple rides but after changing sides of the car it was much better. Both of these stillk pack a whallop.

All told I had 45 rides between the three coasters with never anything approaching a full train.

I'll admit I hadn't been keeping up on the Timberliner discussion so I halfway expected them to be in use on Voyage but as most now know they aren't planning to use them until 2012 after seeing how they do in a couple other parks.

Otherwise, the usual good things to say about how great the park looks, good food, free soda etc.

Glad I made the trip although seeing all the flooding coming across I-64 from St. Louis was pretty depressing.

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We were there on Sunday as well. As you said the park was pretty empty and you could re-ride any coaster as many times as you wanted. We never made it close to your number, but still had a great time hanging with family and friends.

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