Holiday World on July 4th? How busy?

I'm wondering if anyone here has gone to Holiday World in the past on the 4th and can comment on how busy it was at the time. I know it's going to be a busy day but would like to know if it's better to hit Holiday World on the 3rd of July instead?


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I was there on a July 4 weekend a few years ago and wasn't floored by the crowds. The water park was pretty busy but not terribly so.

I've been on July 4th several times. Not too bad. Maybe first thing the rides might be a big wait but in the afternoon, NO PROBLEMS and waits still far less than the major themers.

The water park will be busy but keep in mind. Other than a few of the slides. They have two wave pools and two lazy rivers

We get so many emails and fb posts expecting us to be "packed" on July 4th ... but in my 20 years with the park, I have never seen this. Of course, weather conditions can make a difference, but historically, it's the least busy day during the first week of July.

Plus ... fireworks!

Thanks, Paula

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Most people tend to do family stuff on days like the 4th, mother's and father's day, etc. Parks tend to be a bit light on those days.


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Yeah I was counting on that last year at Carowinds. The park was at or close to capacity, lol.

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This is good to know. I didn't think it would be. I know on the site it says that it tends to get busier in late July and through August.


I'll be there on the 2nd and am bracing for heavy crowds. I'll be pleasantly pleased if I'm wrong. I went on a Saturday in August last year and learned that day just how big the overflow parking lot really is.

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I was at SFoT yesterday (the 4th) and Titan and Freeze were a walk on. B:TR had a line because the policies were terrible (they sat everyone down and locked them in before considering whether anyone needed a height check). NTG had about a 20 minute wait but that was right after a breakdown, so wasn't indicative. Overall, I was astounded at how not crowded the park was. Especially since Six Flags gives out pretty decent coupons to season pass holders for "bring a friend cheap" for holidays.

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HW ended up being not that busy on Saturday, way less busy than it was when I went in late July last year. Waited about 10 minutes for Legend, no more than a couple of trains for the other two coasters. The water park was decently busy, but not as bad as I've seen it. Overall a good day. :)

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Oh Andy, it has only been a little over a week since were there, but I already miss SFoT.

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