Holiday World labor day weekend.

I have never been to Holiday World before. We are planning on going on the saturday of labor day weekend.

I was wondering with the crowds are like that weekend typically. Also what are the coasters like, as in roughness and re-rideability. I don't want to go if the coasters are all going to be rough. I don't live to far away, being in the St. louis area. I'm used to rough coasters like the boss, but I want to ride woodies as smoothe as the thunder head.

We don't expect to be busy that Saturday ... it should be the slowest day of the 3-day holiday weekend.

As far as smooth rides ... I heard someone leaving the exit of The Raven on Friday exclaiming to his friends it was "smooth as bud-ah!"

Thanks, Paula

Paula Werne
Holiday World

Typically the coasters at HW are more turbulent in the back seats. Raven, Legend, and Voyage are all very re-ridable if you sit near the front of the train.
Ok, thanks. Also will any rides or restaurants or slides be closed that day?
We plan to have all the rides and slides open ... not sure about the food outlets, but most should be open.


Paula Werne
Holiday World

Might make the trip down on Labor Day Paula.

If I do, See you then :)


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