Holiday World... June 28... First Time!

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Seeing all the recent trip reports reguarding Holiday World, I'll try to make this brief!

Never been to HW before, finally decided I need to get there. What everybody says is 100% right, great little family park, great coasters, and great service. Free soft drinks too... but, when there is an unlimited supply of free sugar and caffiene to kids, well I am sure you know what I mean!!

Left Chattanooga a little after 8AM my time, pulled up to HW just before noon thier time. Not a bad drive!

Got to the ticket booth and asked the lady if they give discounts for ACE members ( I knew they did) she said of course, as long as you have a card. Well I just re-joined ACE and Coasterbuzz 1 week ago, so my cards hadn't come in the mail yet. I said I dont have a card yet, its ok, i'll just pay full price. She said, are you sure you dont have any other discounts... EMT, Pepsi can, Bunny bread... etc. I said no, its OK, I'll just pay full price. She said no, hang on, called someone, and gave me the ACE discount anyway. I was impressed... she went through all that trouble just to get me a discount!!

First stop - Legend - Good

Wait was about 30 minutes, through three switchbacks outside the station, then all the switchbacks inside... took a back seat ride. Great ride, long, great laterals, awesome layout. Love how the bell tolls everytime a train is dispatched!!

Took a total of 4 rides on this throughout the day, two front, two back!

Second stop - Raven - Better

First time I rode it there was a line just outside the station house. 2 trains at first, later in the day the second train was removed. Love the spirited romp through the forest. Love its layout! Great ride!!

Took a total of 5 rides throughout the day two up front... three in the back!

Third Stop - Voyage - BEST!!!

Heard it was a good ride... but man, I was absolutely blown away... Shiver mee Timbers!.. Waited about 20 minutes for the front car (Line for this never approached longer than 15-20 minutes). First few drops and hills are great, but after that, that's where the fun begins, the double dip through the tunnel is awesome... love the 90 degree banked turns. WOW! The fly-by the que is a nice touch! After the ride stopped, I actually had to catch my breath! AWESOME!

Got four rides throughout the day... 2 back, 2 front... was gonna ride more, but it experienced extended downtime. It was still closed when I left the park about 5.

Also rode Liberty Launch, and Paul Revere's Midnight Ride.

Had an excellent time, plan to be back... more sooner than later!

Well Im not a kid and I learned the hardway several times you need to choose the alternatives to pepsi and Mt Dew they provide :) At least some times!

Glad you liked all three coasters. I know the saying This is where the fun begins doesn't apply to the first three drops not being fun, Just where ALL H*** breaks loose!

Yet again, Another satisfied visitor :) WTG HW!


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