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Tuesday, July 16, 2002 11:56 AM
We arrived at the park at about 9:30. Right in front of the park is Raven broadcasting to the world that it is “the number one wooden roller coaster in the world.” That sign only made me more anxious to ride what would be my first CCI. We got tickets and walked in the entrance. I chatted with my mom and her cousin on when we’d meet up later and when and I dashed to Raven. The line seemed long so I thought I’d be waiting forever, but this thing has pretty good capacity for running only one train. Chills ran up my spine as I stood in the loading station after a 30-minute wait.

My first ride was in the front seat, since I like front seat rides for my first trip on a new coaster. My next nine rides were in the back row. What can I say? This coaster is simply amazing! Great airtime and great laterals. This coaster just simply rocks! My first CCI did not disappoint at all. Even though it’s short, it rules! The back row is the best place to ride on woodies. The ejector airtime is the best I have ever had on any roller coaster I’ve ever ridden and the speed rocks! I can’t give this ride justice. It’s just that good. 10/10.

After Raven dazzled me, I went to Legend.

I waited 30 minutes for the front seat for my first ride. Only one train was running, but that was okay. The park was not crowded at all today. I knew Legend was going to be good. If Raven was that good, something modeled after my number one woodie (Beast) would not disappoint. After riding this, I had to be reassured by Beast to see if it was still my number one woodie. Legend falls just short of Beast for the top spot in my woodie list, but it is by no means bad. Saying this coaster is short of amazing is an understatement. Holiday Word and CCI have something great going here. I hope they keep it up. 10/10.

After a few rides on Raven and Legend, I walked to the kiddy section of the park where AZ RIDER and I rode...

Howler. This was a pretty fun little coaster. This was also my first Zamperla coaster. The lift hill is really fast and we get two laps on this ride. The helix was smooth and it’s a great coaster for kids. 2/10.

After that, we walked around the park and came across these fun things called Thunder Bumpers on Chesapeake Bay, better known as bumper boats. We rode these things three times today since they’re so much fun. They’re a little hard to steer, but once you get the hang of it, you’re set. We went over to the log flume since my mom and her cousin said we should ride it.

Frightful Falls. We waited about five minutes for this short ride. There’s a tunnel after the station and out of it you just travel down a few curves. You get some good views of Legend from this ride. After turning 180 degrees around, you’re headed up the lift hill. You go under Legend and then drop. It’s a nice little drop and you don’t get too soaked on the ride. My brother lost his hat on the ride and went to guest relations about it. He gave them his phone number and address and some friends’ numbers. He asked them what the chances of him getting his hat back were. GR told him he had a “98% chance of getting his hat.” Even more, they did not lie. We got home and checked the mail and there was a package from Holiday World. Inside: his hat. What a park! 4/10.

We ate at Mrs. Klaus’ Kitchen. I had two hot dogs and fries for only $5. The prices at this park are great. T-shirts were only about $12. I think the thing I like the most is the whole deal with free drinks. That simply amazed me that a park would do that! Holiday World rocks and the free drinks are the icing on the cake.

While in line for Raven my 5th time or so, I met a guy named Josh who works at the park. We chatted for a while before boarding and I learned that he’s an enthusiast just about as crazy as I am. Josh became my coaster buddy and we rode the coasters together for the rest of the day. At the end of the day after I bought my awesome Legend shirt, he introduced me to a guy named Brandon. Brandon is Holiday World’s head of human services or something like that. It was nice to meet another park big shot (if you recall, I met SFMM’s president, Del Holland, earlier this year).

I got ten rides on Raven and only waited 30 minutes once. The other waits were only about 5 minutes or even less! At times I didn’t have to wait! I got six laps on Legend and had to wait only about 30 minutes at the most. I asked them why they didn’t put the second train on and they said it was because they didn’t need to. They do it when there are bigger waits. The shortest I waited for Legend was about 10 minutes. Holiday World is truly one great park with great rides and they sure know how to treat their guests! Holiday World gets a 10/10 from me!

I was asked to describe X in one word. The word? -- OhmygoshwhathaveIgottenmyselfintothisisthescariest

Wednesday, July 17, 2002 6:12 AM

Nice TR. I wish could ride those great woodies!



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