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Since today was closing day for Holiday World, I decided to head down and fulfill my plan to be on the first and last public train out on Voyage. Left Terre Haute about a little after noon and got to the park about 1:30pm local time and headed to Plymouth Rock Café for the last supper of the season there. After that I took the walk up the hill to Raven let my stomach settle.

Raven’s line was pretty much non-existent. A one train wait for front seat. The front of raven is the best place to go, butter smooth ride. I later went back and did a back seat ride and well, it was still okay.

After Raven, continued the path to Voyage and rode Legend. Rough as it has been all season, it is better in the front seat. Good news is that starting tomorrow it is being retracked! According to one of the directors, the first drop and other parts will be retracked. Personally I hope they retrack it all.

After Legend, it was time for the legendary coaster at Holiday World, Voyage. Front seat, smooth for voyage. I didn’t see any markings on the track like I did on Legend but I bet Voyage will get some new track. Also, did 3 more rides, one in back and two more up front. Back was the beat you up in a good way rough as Voyage are. No trims on today at all. Finally, it was time for what I have been dreading. Closing time. Que line was shut off and I got on the front seat of the last train for the general public out. Great as the others were. Also, this was my 30th circuit since Labor Day of 06 when I first started riding coasters.

2008 Expansion news

According to a source that the first names starts with Pat and last name ends in Koch. One of the new additions for dry part has been finalized. I repeat, One of the new additions for 08 have been finalized. That is all I got from her. I can’t wait to see what it is.

Also, Holiday World eclipsed 1,000,000 visitors plus again this season.

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I took the scenic route home from a relative's house yesterday just so I could drive by and see the park running on the last day of the season. I was kind of sad not to be able to stop, but I was glad to see that both parking lots were full.

More good news for 2008! Paula just posted on the Holiblog that the park will open at 9:30 everyday starting next season. I also noticed that the park opens up the first weekend in May which is also a week or two earlier than normal.

Still, I'm slightly depressed that the season is over. But I do have my 2008 season passes in hand and can't wait to get processed and ridining next season. Can't wait to find out what the new flat(s) are!

And Raven Maven, if you read this; please ask Will to blacktop & stripe the Legend parking lot!

It is sad to see another year of fun at Holiday World come to a close. I am happy to see that the park is growing every year and I can not wait to find out what the new flat rides will be. The 2008 season will be packed with fun and guest as Holiday World always is. I have a feeling some great things will come to the park next year. Maybe even a paved Legend Lot! Thanks for a great and wonderful year HOLIDAY WORLD!!

Emiroo said: I also noticed that the park opens up the first weekend in May which is also a week or two earlier than normal.

Actually ... no. That's been opening weekend for years and years.

And years.

Thanks, Paula

Paula Werne
Holiday World

^ Doh! Fuzzy memory I guess. Thanks Paula!

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