Holiday World announces Pilgrims Plunge, the world's tallest water ride

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Pilgrims Plunge starts with a classic shoot-the-chutes ride and adds a modern "lift." That's right — an open-air elevator to take you higher than any other water ride in the world!

Also, a wonderful new, free service is coming to Holiday World & Splashin' Safari in 2009! Families and group members wearing HoliWatches will be able to locate each other, leave messages, and retrieve a variety of information about the parks throughout their visit. (And yes, they're water-proof.)

Visit the official Holiday World site for more details.

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I can imagine it's going to be a little unnerving to be so high off the ground with nothing around the boat. I like it already!
Intamin making a ride for Holiday World, who would have thought. :) These HoliWatches also sound like an interesting concept. It's funny to see a small park in south Indiana on the cutting edge.
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Holy smokes! And I thought Perilous Plunge was freaky!
Nice. A drop 15-feet higher than Perilous Plunge's. But a 45-degree drop? There's Holiday World's approach to a world record FAMILY boat ride. What was Knott's thinking when they decided to make Plunge 75-degrees? ;)

Pilgrims Plunge looks unique though. The elevator lift use on a shoot-the-chute type ride is really bizarre.

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Ah...good point. I think the lack of supports is what made my heart flutter (what Rob said).
An elevator lift system...that's wild. I think there will be some inherent fear in hoping that a malfunction doesn't occur while going up the lift. I am wondering if there will be any sort of "splash zone" for the spectators. Anye news on that?
WOW. The split lift is one of the coolest things I have ever seen. I guess we're going camping in southern Indiana next summer.
I kinda like the not-super-steep drop... That way you can savor it!
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Good point there too. Kind of like the Whizzer.
I think that will be a great addition. There will need to be an evac staircase, and a spot for employees to sit up top, but the visuals look damn good.

HolidayWorld has a tough guy ride to join Voyage in the big leagues.

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Well bowl me over and call me guess was pretty dang close!
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Much needed for the park and a great location. Damn the midwest is a good place to be this coming season...
"There will need to be an evac staircase, and a spot for employees to sit up top, but the visuals look damn good."

I doubt that there will be either of those. With OTSR's you shouldn't need someone sitting up there.

Do we call you Cindy Moooosh?
I understand the park is a family park, but $4 million for a water ride seems a bit excessive. Furthermore, the 45 degree drop is unimpressive. The elevator lift might be more thrilling than the drop!

To tell the truth, I'm getting kind of tired of these one-trick ponies. Wouldn't we rather a really good log chute, especially since so few *decent* chutes operate in the US?

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Just my take, but I think the HoliWatches is far and away the more interesting announcement.

Also interesting how enthusiasts so often say that the days of a ride needing to be the '-est' are over or that an '-est' ride doesn't guarantee a good ride, and HW keeps delivering '-est' rides to praise.

I dunno. The elevators are neat, I'm assuming there'll be no weirdness witht he lift lining up at the top like Max RMP at HRP. I've ridden much smaller chutes and the deceleration at the bottom can be rough - a little worried about hitting the pool at the bottom from 135 feet up.

But yeah, the HoliWatch idea is straight out of the LG playbook. Assuming it even does kinda like it says, I likes it.

I like the announcement. I think it will be neat. Thrilling No but neat.
Why is it "Pilgrims Plunge" rather than "Pilgrims' Plunge?"
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I'm very impressed! The 45 degree drop is awesome! The duel elevator is awesome!

The HoliWatches are a great idea! ...And the service is FREE! This adds to the great value that the park already offers!

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