Holiday World 8/3 - Mick Foley sighting

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We arrived at Holiday World around 10am on Sunday. The weather was beautiful, mid 70s and sunny. Pat Koch was greeting everyone at the entrance.

We headed to Legend first and got 2 rides in before Splashin Safari opened. Legend sure does feel slow in the morning, but was running faster as the day progressed.

At 11, we headed for Splashin Safari. After we changed, we headed to Zinga. We had a wait of 15 minutes. It was our first ride on Zinga, and it was awesome! I was really disoriented by time it threw us out into the funnel.

We then climbed up the many stairs of Zoombabwe where we had a short 5 minute wait. It was as much fun as I remembered from last year. I love the pitch blackness of it.

Next up was Go of Otorongo. It was a fast, fun ride. My husband decided to hit the wave pool, while I relaxed in Congo River. My knee was starting to bother me from all those stairs. (I dislocated my knee a month ago and it still isn't tracking quite right.)

We were starving after that, so we changed and headed back to the car for our picnic lunch.

After we ate, we put in a couple rides on Raven. The first of which was in the back seat. Raven was running great. We then hit a few rides on Legend, and then the afternoon slump set in. We both weren't feeling too hot, so we decided to take a little break and saw Acclaim. It was a pretty good show, but neither of us are into that "show choiry-type" of music. Still, it was a nice place to relax.

We were up to some more rides so we did a couple more on Raven and Legend. The line for Zinga had all the queues filled, and Zoombabwe was also down the stairs. We were glad that we hit Splashin Safari in the morning.

We were hungry, so we grabbed some pizza at Kringles Kafe. Ryan had been craving it all day, and since we were there for his birthday it was his choice. The pizza was great, not too greasy.

We went over to Legend for 2 more rides. As we were exiting our first ride, there was a lot of cheering in the station. There was a guy entering the station through the exit. It was Mick Foley! He hopped into the last seat and we got back in line for another ride. When we were done with 2nd ride, he was still outside signing autographs.

We ended the night with one last ride on Raven. Our total for the day was 15 (8 Legend, 7 Raven) We didn't have to wait more than 15 minutes for anything. My only complaint was that people crowd the back of the Legend station and then there are empty seats in the front. 3 times we were able to walk onto empty seats in the 1st or 2nd car.

Other than that, it was a wonderful day at Holiday World! It fully satisfied the coaster withdrawal I was having due to the month off I had to take because of my knee injury!

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