Holiday World (8/14 - 8/15)

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We went on Thursday & Friday and were so glad to see that the park had very nice attendance numbers during our visit. We actually had an HW rookie with us this time, (my daughters best friend), so we were anxious to see her reaction to HW. When she met Mrs. Koch and got a hug, she was blown away that the owner of the park was greeting her, you could tell she felt special.

Now on to the park:

Raven - Awesome as always! No complaints from me.

Legend - Was actually running so good it was my favorite of the trip, even over Voyage!

Voyage - On day one she was a bit hard to get to early on as they were having complications. But it was up, it ran very well. I think the only thing that had me down was the fact the we couldn't get any nighttime rides since the park closed at 5:30 each day. The triple-down is still may favorite.

New Additions

Star-Spangled Carousel, Reindeer Games, and Kima Bay turned out being excellent additions in my opinion. They all serve a purpose, and weren't just added to give the park a numbers boost on it's ride count. Reindeer Games replacing the ball pit which most parks have done for sanitary reasons anyway. The carousel replacing the old bumper boats which really had run their course, and didn't move people very well most of the time. And Kima Bay doing it's job to spread the crowds out for really busy days. I was a little skeptical of the monkey-theme when it was announced, but it really is cute and charming, and fits really well.

Other Rides

Revolution was ridden at least 8-10 times over two days by my kids. Easily their favorite ride outside of the coasters. We literally did ride everything there was but the bumper cars and antique cars. Hallowswings was a hit too! As was Turkey Whirl & Gobblers Getaway. Would still love to see some more flats to thrill families.

Splashin' Safari

Looked very nice! Mentioned Kima Bay earlier, but Bukuli was extremely cool too! Not my first "royal flush-style" ride, but everything seems so much more awesome when ridden at HW. Zoombabwe, Watubee, Ottorongo, and Zinga were also favorites for us, as was, Jungle Racers, (Which I'm not so proud to say I won each of three times thanks to my fat butt!).

Food & Extras

The food was the only real letdown, and it was only because Plymouth Rock Cafe was not open either day we were there. I totally understand most Indiana schools were back in session, and many colleges too, which led to short staffing. But in the future I hope they can find a way to run PRC during these times. Many walked away from the restaurant disappointed. Under extras, I love the new t-shirt designs for the coasters and water rides.


Another incredible HW experience! My daughters best friend cannot wait to return ASAP! She loved everything she rode, (though we couldn't get her to ride Voyage). From her own mouth her favorite things in no certain order were Raven, the waterpark, and Mrs. Koch, (Who was hugged at least 4-5 times by my clan in two days time). Well done HW...thanks for another memorable trip!

Now officially a Halloween Haunt Cornstalker for Fall '08!
Good TR, it is too bad Holiday World closes so early...I was there the previous Friday, and they closed at 8:30, and I was just able to get a night ride it, and it was pretty dark...maybe not completley, but damn near...awsome ride in the dark.

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Nice TR. I was there on that Thursday too! If you didn't know, it was Mrs. Koch's birthday that day.


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