Holiday World, 7/6 2003 "That cone ride was fun!"

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I decided to make one last trip to Holiday World before the summer madness hit. We got to the park at about noon to find a full main parking lot. Our plan was to hit the water park first, before it got too crowded. That didn’t turn out to be the best plan, but we stuck with it.

Zinga: The line was all the way back to the very entrance, and all of the tubes were in use, to the point where a line was forming for the tubes. The spot where the tubes used to be stored now has markings on the ground, and will soon have more queue rails for the Uber-crowded days. Even though the line was so long, it moved quickly and in about 15 minutes, we were on. The ride was as it always is, amazing. The one thing that I dislike is that there seems to be a bit too much water in the funnel. The raft will sometimes skip violently over the pools over water, making it a bit uncomfortable. Other than that, an awesome water slide.

Zoombabwe: Line was down to the spot where the Legend crosses over the path, which proved to be about a 30 minute wait. We finally got on, and began our pitch black decent. The added water on the second or third turn catches you by surprise and is really fun when you are sitting with your back against it, as it gives you a bump off of the raft. I can’t say I really see what everyone else sees when it comes to the slide. I love the darkness and the length, but I’ve never gotten airtime, as some have described.

After hitting Monsoon Lagoon and the wave pool for a few minutes, we headed back up to the regular park, to start making our rounds. It was my friend’s first trip to the park this year, so he wanted to experience the new rides. However, first we had to start at…

Raven: The line had dwindled down throughout the day, and was now a walk-on as usual…woohoo! This plainly meant: power riding! Walked right on to 5.2. and then re-rode in the back seat, as there was nobody in line. Raven is running absolutely awesome, that’s all there is to say. After a short wait, we rode again in the back of the fifth car, and the lapbars in the car did not release. The ride op gave us the news that we would have to ride again (we really gave it to him ).

Legend: They were running two trains on the Legend earlier in the day, but as we got in line for the back seat, they decided to remove one of the trains. They ran into a minor problem, but after about a 15 minute delay it was back online. 3 train wait for the back, and we were off. Spotted the Banshee off to the left of the drop, and then continued with the ride. The drop under Zoombabwe and the double up were more forceful than normal, and the rest of the ride was solid as usual. Only rode once, because with the removal of the second train, the line was (not filling in the queue rails at all) out of the entrance.

HallowSwings had signs and staff standing in front of it saying that the ride would be down for a few minutes. We hopped in the beginning of the slowly forming line, and thought it would be a short wait. After 5 minutes, they said it would be 5 more minutes, etc. They were being very nice to the somewhat impatient guests, but they just could not get the ride back up. We finally abandoned the line, which was a good thing, as the ride tested but did not open for the rest of our time at the park.

We rode Paul Revere (Eyerly Spider), Howler (Zamperla kiddie coaster), and Scarecrow Scrambler, then we headed to check out Liberty Launch (S&S Double Shot), which had a long line when we passed previously. The line had only gotten longer, to what looked like a 45 minute wait. Neither of us particularly wanted to bake in the sun, so we decided to finish the day with (what else?) more Raven rides.

Raven just gets better with each ride. We grabbed a few more 5 and 6 car runs, and then had a brief chat with the ride ops and thanked them for the rides. The two guys that were running it most of the day, one was Eric but I didn’t catch the other’s name, were great. Thanks a million, guys.

This was one of the most fun trips I’ve taken to the park this year, and I’m really proud to have it as my home park (plus it’s fun to make nasai jealous ). Thanks Holiday World!


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