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Sunday, August 18, 2002 1:28 PM

I know it's late... who cares.

Got to the park at opening time (forgot what time it is). They had the Halloween section roped off but then Pat opened it for everyone. This was my first visit to HW, so I didn't know where to go, but luckily my aunt (who grew up with the park as Santa Claus Land) knew where to go. Almost the entire crowd got in the queue for Raven so we headed to Legend.

Legend: :):):):):) out of :):):):):)

I rode on the first train 6-2. The first drop was great, loved the tunnel. The turnaround was awesome. I loved it, but I didn't know what was going to happen next: The greatest airtime I have ever gotten on a coaster. That double-up was astonishing and so was the drop after it. The helix whas awesome, the roar if the train is earsplitting when you go in the tunnels. The rest of the ride was awesome including the hairpin turn into the brake run. I can't wait for SRM 03. This is my #2 coaster, 5 laps.

After that my cousin and I went on Frightful Falls, not as good as Bamboo Shoot @ SFAW, but fun. After that my other cousin and I got in line for The Raven. The entire queue was full, but I only waited about 40 minutes. It would probably be about 25 minutes if people would move toward th back. Seat 6-2, which I always went on, always had a one tain wait while cars 3 and 4 had 4 train waits. My cousin and and I headed for the front which was only a two train wait. My Review:

The Raven: :):):):):) out of :):):):):)

I liked how the lap bar moved from side to side. It was also cool to see the ride ops actually interacting with the riders. The current one was waving to us on our way up the lift. I had only seen one ride op ever do that before. At first, when I went front seat it was like, "This is the #1 one in the world???". But then I rode the back seat. What a difference! There is a lot of ejector air and I loved the turn over the lake, some nice laterals. Overall, my favorite seat is 6-2. It has awesome air. One thing I noticed, 4-1 is VERY rough. My #1 coaster, 11 laps.

After that we did some flats and the rapids ride. The rapids ride was great! The theming was good and I got soaked, the exact opposite of Thunder River. My aunt and two cousins went to SS, while I did the coasters and drank Pepsi. I also tryed the Pepsi Blue, it was okay, nothing too special. I did Raven about 7 times in 3 hours. I find that the best time to go is when DiveWorks is going on, there is a minimal line. To end the day, we went on the Lewis & Clark Trail, which was fun. But then we decided to go on The Legend again. It was about 5 PM so we were tired. We waited for the front seat and it was awesome as usual.

I loved this park. Overall I give it a 5 out of 5. I hope they never add steel. to this park. I also talked to Pat Koch, she was very friendly.

Well, to my next park/event, SFOT and Lone Star Coasterthon! (9/14-15)

Arrow, even the straight parts of our coasters hurt.

Sunday, August 18, 2002 2:32 PM
Ride of Steel's avatar I want to ride a CCI! I want to ride a CCI! Oh well my dream is coming true next week when I go to MFI to ride Silver Comet.
Sunday, August 18, 2002 3:41 PM
I just visited Holiday world this past friday for the first time and I was so impressed. Im making it a priority to go to SRM next year even if I have to hitchike my way to Indiana!!!!! Great TR btw..
Monday, August 19, 2002 12:06 PM
I need to get to Holiday World to see if Legend and Raven are better than Boulder Dash.



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