Holiday World, 7/15, 2005 (my first time ever)

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The boldface! The boldface! My eyes! My eyes! ;)


Ride of Steel said:

Maybe it's just a Cedar Fair thing to run multiple trains regardless of doesn't really cost them anything more and more laps=happier people

That's where you'd be mistaken on two counts.

1) It does cost. The second train cost money to purchase and the extra runs cost the track and the trains wear and tear. Why would they do that so you could walk on instead of waiting a measly 10 minutes?

2) CF parks run single trains. On the average day @ VF (a park with comparable attendance to HW) you'll see single trains on all of the coasters except WT and the mouse. Additional trains are only added when the crowds warrant that. In fact, you'll even see single trains on WT if it's quiet enough.


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My wife loves Raven, if she was to rank her wood coasters, (she hasn't been on many coasters, wood or otherwise) Raven would be #1, with a close #2 being Thunderhead (DW), #3 Legend, #4 Viper (GAm), #5 Eagle (GAm), #6 Blue Streak (CP), #7 Racer (PKI), #8 Beastie (PKI), #9 Beast (PKI), #10 Mean Streak (CP).

Not every coaster has to be a huge, monster of a coaster. Different people like different things....

--George H

I don't agree George.

Everyone loves a good coaster! The good thing about this hobby is though that everyones deffinition is different and the ones that most agree on get the favorites in a fair poll not based on attendance of parks.

Raven gets #1 in many polls basically because NOBODY says it's boring, rough or overhyped.
It's a good coaster that everyone can enjoy and even the thrillseeker gets THRILLS on.

That fifth drop at night in pure darkness is one of the most thrilling experiences in coasterdom followed by the insane dash through the woods. Short,Insane, Fun. Lets do it again and again and again. DARN, I gotta get down to Legend and then it's like Deja Vu all over again in saying I GOT TO GET UP TO RAVEN.

If its a blast, who cares whats best?

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LOL 'Playa...that CF fallacy continues to persist despite the evidence! CP is *not* run like other CF parks...not even close...of course, the other CF parks don't have the CROWDS that CP gets either... ;)

I *do* think that parks in general might want to revisit their policies re: when to add a second train. Maybe 15-20 years ago people didn't mind a wait of a 1/2, if the line hits 20 minutes, it's time to add another train whenever possible. (If needed, go ahead and raise the admission to offset the increased cost....but DO it!)

Also, I think HW is expecting further expansion and *large* increases in attendance...otherwise, Voyage would be built with only two trains... ;)

My comment about the Raven was not directed at you, Charles, it was in response to Ride Of Steel's post

--George H

OK :)

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