Holiday World 7-22-11

Having not been to Holiday World in two years, i was anxious as i was to get back. I went for the first time in 06 when the voyage was new and knew that was the best coaster i had ridden after one ride.

So i got my chance with my brother doing a reserve duty for the Navy in Evansville which is about 45 minutes away. So i journeyed 7 hours to meet him and eat and check out a ship he was refurbishing. The ship he worked on was used in the landings on the beaches during world war 2 so it was quite cool to check out the ship. It needs alot of work, but still just mind blowing to see all the parts and areas where men many years ago worked to fight off the Nazi threats of this world.

Anyhow after the boat tour, we trekked through the side roads using a GPS that left me hoping we were going towards Holiday World, but alas it got us there.

After getting out of the car, i noticed in just about an hour's time the heat really started to set in. I was beading sweat on my arms as we waited about 5 minutes in line for tickets. I was able to get a military discount from my brother as the woman in the ticket booth used it for both of us. Once again, the service at Holiday World cannot be compared as she really did not have to go and do that for me.

Once we got inside and got a locker for our loose articles, we were off. We skipped the Raven for some reason even though the line was in the station for the whole time we were there. Legend was first.

The Legend has been a mixed bag for me over the years, considering i thought that it was really just not that great the first few times i rode it. However, the last two trips it has been pretty insane. The hill that runs into the turnaround by the waterslide, sorry i dont know which one, is packed with air and they did alot of work on the helix which was fun. It still is packed with killer laterals. Its still a flat out awesome ride.

We then ventured down to the Voyage. I remember opening year, and it being brand spanking new, and just being like the ultimate coaster. It was smooth and just relentless, as far as the pacing and changes in direction. The last time i went i noticed the changes from the wear and tear, but by no means has it lost much of its luster. I still find this to be true. It has its bad spots like the bottoms of the first two drops are pretty rough, and the turns in the woods, before the 90 degree turns are also sore spots on it. Other than that, it still wows me. It still has that relentless pace and unbelievable layout that make it the wooden coaster that many just dont even come close to. Its still the best in my book, I just cant wait to see the difference if they get the timberliners on it.

We then just decided to take it slow. My brother and I decided to go into the fourth of july. He was enamored by the Eagles Flight/Flyers. I dont think he had been on one since the Flying Scooters at Geauga Lake. The ones at Geauga Lake were a ride my dad used to get upset riding with my brother cause he used to rock the tubs to something that would shake the ride crazy. He didn't however, do any of that this time. I guess with age comes a sense of better judgement than swinging the fin back and forth at a feverish pace. It provided a nice cool breeze and these rides are still plain fun to this day. Sorry guys, im not schooled in the ideas of snapping flyers so one day i will half to learn the tricks.

Next was liberty launch, also a ride i have been on both times i have went there. This time however, i enjoyed it much more really getting a sense of the ride. Meaning that I never knew it was a double shot. I always thought it was a space shot, but once i got blasted back down from the top i learned, and really thought that it was really forceful getting shot back down.

We then looked in the shops for a bit to cool off from the heat. I really still love the old toy displays and the lincoln memorabilia and story, nothing better than two history lessons in one day. Unfortunately Santa wasn't in his normal post at the front gift shop for pictures. It seems that they decided to put in like a build a bear station in his old stomping grounds. He was also kept inside to avoid the heat in the theater that hosted the Holidazzles in years past.

We then ventured back out into the heat and rode the Raven. I am a huge fan of the Raven, and my love affair continues with each passing ride. Its still amazing how well tracked the coaster is and how it provides nice laterals and amazing airtime especially its steep drop into the woods off the lake.

We then ventured down to Gobbler Getaway because my brother happens to love these rides since he got his first taste with Kennywood's Ghostwood Estates last year. Anyhow, he did work all over my score, with a 1600 to my measly 600. I love the ride to death, just because its just so off the wall wierd. Only Holiday World could theme a ride like that in such a way, as to make me laugh at the end with the pizza for Thanksgiving and the dance line.

Unfortunately, i didnt bring a bathing suit. Why, you ask? Ok, first im not much of a water park guy. However, i for the first time ventured into Splashin Safari, and man i have to say the waterpark itself is quite an attraction. They have to have about as many waterslides/attractions than many waterparks in the US. Next time its a for sure stop.

Lastly, we finished with a voyage ride, which the back end on the turns made my back feel less than stellar. But, nothing im sure that at some point they wont fix.

If any one was wondering as to why we didnt ride the water rides well its kinda simple. My brother didnt want to ruin his shoes. However, he would have had to ride Pilgrim's Plunge but, it was down for maintenance, which kinda sucked.

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