Holiday World 6/29/02 & Pink Flamingos

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Friday, July 5, 2002 9:04 AM
TR: Holiday World
Date: Saturday June 29th, 2002
Weather: 93 Degrees. Sunny and Muggy

Hello Coaster Fans Who Know Not To Be In Ohio This Time Of Year,

This morning Shawna and I decided to hit two parks that neither of us has ever been too. We left Portsmouth, Ohio (free room and board down south for us), around 9am and we were off to Holiday World. It took us about 5 hours (roughly with hills and traffic) to get there. We couldn?t believe how far out in the middle of no where land this park is! We stopped at a gas station and grabbed our Pepsi can for the discount. We pulled up to an EXTREMELY packed parking lot...I hate doing that (but hey, we knew it was Sat.) Shawna and hopped out of the car and I awed at the turn over the lake as we walked to the front gate. The lady at the front gate was very nice and new Shawna and I were form out of town due to our traditional CP, SFWoA, and PKI gear we had on. We had a nice conversation with her and she told us to enjoy the park and the two great coasters they had to offer. We only had a short time to enjoy the park, so we were going to make the best of it.

Right when you walk in you're right in Santa's Village...There is just something wrong with Christmas songs in 92' blazing hot sun. We knew we had to hit the Raven first so we tracked down to the left into Halloween Land. I liked all theming down here. This area has to be awesome at night with all the misters and fog everywhere. We got in line for the Raven. This is one ride you wish they could run two trains, but pretty much no they can't because it is so short. We waited about 40 min. We briefly watched the diving show through the trees here. Someone needs to move those trees so everyone in line can watch the show. I loved the walk up into the station (reminds me of walking up into the Batman(s) station(s) at SF parks.) A little eerie music in the stairs could do wonders here. We opted for a back seat ride on our "very first, watched this coaster for years, everyone couldn't believe we haven't ridden this yet, ride."

Ho Ho Ho the Raven is on the go!

Nice pullout of the station and wave to everyone in line. Next thing we knew we were at the top matter since before we could enjoy the top....AHHHHHHhhhhhh. One SWEET drop down into the tunnel. And hill after turn after hill and another turn! That middle drop of the ride is awesome! Just as good as anyone and everyone said it was. Next thing I knew the ride was over. I really can't describe this ride that well. It was all a blur and so fast and short. It's a strange coaster because you think you're going to get a second to breathe on the hills, but this keeps picking up speed even going up the hills =C) WOW! I can say I was truly amazed. Shawna and I worth both EXTREMELY happy! We have been told many of times that certain coasters are among the best. We go ride them and than find out we are disappointed. This one is truly one of the best with no doubt!
Next, up The Legend. This coaster wasn't running when we first entered the park but they soon got it up and running and we were among the first on it for the day. I have heard they moved the station and loading area around a bit so I can't compare it but....When you get up into the line in the station....can we say BO?!?! People need to wear deodorant in this state! It was very hot right there and those fans didn't help a bit. I feel bad for the employees. After a 20min wait we opted for the back seat on this (due to the neat looking first drop.) I like the schoolhouse look here with the chalkboard and all. It was so nice to be in a park where they pull UP on the we went. A VERY nice view up the lift hill than a little drop. I looked at Shawna and said, "Watch this!" You could tell by the design that we were going to get YANKED down the first hill like there is no tomorrow and MAN was it AWESOME!! Into the tunnel we flew followed by many turns, hills and helixes. I couldn't believe this ride. I ended up liking it better than the Raven, but Shawna liked the Raven more. Shawna practically had me sitting in her seat since I sat on the right and all this thing does is practically make right hand turns. What a blast and pure speed all the way right into the brakes. We got right back in line while it was short for a front seat picture ride. I liked the airtime in the front but I prefer the whipping in the back. Again another World class ride!

After that we had to get a glimpse of the rest of the park. We stopped by to get some dog tags made at the engraving place. No dog tags... so we opted for a little plastic engraved thing (Shawna and I always get and engraved park thing at all new parks with the park name, date, and our names.) The guy there said out of the 8 years he has been there he has never written the parks name on anything thing...kind of funny. We had a nice talk with him than we were off strolling. FREE FOUNTAIN DRINKS!!! What a great idea this park has come up with...pure brilliance! People were in and out and there was never a line at these little places all around the park. Great idea! The one complaint I do have about this park is the midways. Talked about PACKED! It was wall to wall people on the midways. I didn't get to go down to the water park but it looked beyond packed down there also. I still have nightmares of getting run over by 50.000,000 strollers. This was nothing like SFWoA before they moved the was worse. Granted it was Saturday, but is this normal? I wonder how weekdays are at this park?

After riding the Falling Star (aka: Banshee) we decided to try my luck at some games. I spotted a nice Peach Basket game with a HUGE flamingo for a price so Shawna and I headed over there. One dollar got you two balls and you had to get them both in. My first one went right in and when I went to throw the second one the guy walked right in front of me and I missed he just said "sorry." ARGhhh... I told Shawna I could do this. I paid one more dollar. First one right in, second one....UP....In....Roll around....WE HAVE A WINNER!!!! Wahoo!! So next we got to carry this HUGE Pink Flamingo around with us all through the park, which was quite interesting trying to get through the crowded midways with everyone looking at us.

And everyone knows how Ohioans like Pink Flamingos [;)]

We took a lot of pictures, sights and sounds all throughout the park. I didn't get to ride much due to the overcrowded park and heat, but we did get to ride what we wanted. Shawna and I picked up some souvenirs and saw Santa. Speaking of Santa, why is that there are no Holiday World Christmas ornaments to found anywhere? You would think that with a Christmas themed land you would find some type of Holiday World Ornaments somewhere. We found ornaments but nothing relating to Holiday World. We asked an employee, and she said they didn't have any. Shawna and I collect park Christmas ornaments at every park we go too for our tree.

Overall, I give this park a BIG two thumbs up (free pop helps a lot.) I loved the atmosphere, the two GREAT coasters, and employees. I would love to come back here when it isn't as crowded though. We had to hit the road to get to SFKK. I can't wait to come back here again. See everyone around back in Ohio!!

"The Future of Roller Coasters"

Friday, July 5, 2002 4:13 PM
Nice TR! HW sounds great:):)

-Sean Newman
84 coasters in Track Record!! Hypersonic XLC # 100 in July. Waiting for the 305 foot drop tower in 2003. Thank you PKD.


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