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Monday me and 3 friends found ourselves on the 1 hour Voyage to Holiday World, including one that had never ridden a coaster. So I really didn't know what to expect. But anyway, here it goes......

We arrived at the park about 9:54, the parking lot wasn't full at all. We already had tickets so we processed them and headed down to the Raven. The coaster virgin (Amanda) was getting nervous and made many attempts to back out on riding, but we kept telling her how much she would love it. She agreed to go up to the station, and if then she couldn't do it she would just wait on the exit ramp. The line was just outside the building (right before the steps). It only took about 10 minutes to enter the queue house with only 1 train running. We opted for near the front to get Amanda started with a tamer ride. When it was our turn, she got in the car, and said she would give it a try.

The train rolled out of the station and up the chain, then around the incredibly short, yet amazing course. Amanda loved it! I was so happy, we now could go marathon coasters all day, right? No.... she declared she was only riding the Raven. But I wasn't going to let that settle.

We went down to the Frightful Falls log flume, which I am a fan of, and rode twice without getting off! Also, is this the only log ride that takes your picture? I love the effect!

After the log flume the three of us "normal people" ;) wanted to ride the legend. But Amanda refused, so she waited the 10 minutes while we rode the Legend. It doesn't seem to me that there was any work over the offseason on the helix. I like the Legend, but I have never been a "fan " of it. I love airtime and that long ending stretch from the last air hill till where the track crosses under the left is just to laggy and it all goes to the left. It just doesn't get it done for me. Also, I'm a sucker for that twisting first drop, but the bottom where the tunnel is, is getting rough. Might we see some retracking there? Oh well, still a pretty good woody.

It was now !0:50, and we wanted to get to the waterpark before the rush. We hit Bakuli (very cool), Zinga, Zoombabwe, Watubee, Otto-Ron-& Go, Amazoom, and Bamboo Shoot in 1 hour. Got out of the waterpark at 12:15 and headed for the Voyage.

1st ride, very front seat, 10 minute wait with 2 trains running. Great ride. We left and went back over to Raven where all 4 of us rode in the back car. Amanda loved it! Finally she was ready for the Legend. So we headed down the hill and hoped right into the train towards the back. We all rode it twice. Like me, she prefered Raven over Legend. But thats just our opinions. The other two, Evan and Julie, liked the Legend better. Oh well.

We went down to Frightful Falls again and rode 4 times, I know, but we love the log flume. We then crossed the park over to Raging Rapids and rode twice. Most of us came off with a few drops of water, Evan on the other hand, was Soaked! It was still fun though. It was nearing 1:00 so we went and grabbed some pizza on top of the hill at Kringles Kafe. I LOVE Holiday World's pizza! After eating we went into 4th of July, did Paul Revere's Midnight Ride (Monster/Octapus) & Liberty Launch (S&S Tower). The girls said they wanted to relax some so we went back into Splashing Safari and change.

About this time one of the girls says that she is having a "female problem" so they head into the bathroom while Evan and I wait outside by the automatic showers. Well time passes by and they haven't come out. We have now been waiting 25 minutes so we sent some woman in there to see if they were in there. She comes back and reports that they aren't. So I go around to the other side of the building to see that ther is an exit on the other side. Me and Evan, feeling like idiots, make our way over to the wave pool, only to find Julie and Amanda sitting at the base of Bahari. We are not happy. ;)

But anyway, we stay at the wave pool 30 more minutes, then we turn in our locker keys and head to Thanksgiving. We do everything there, including the Voyage in the backseat! Awesome! I love Voyage in the back, but any way, we go up to the Raven and finish up the last 30 minutes there so that all 4 of us can ride. (Amanda would NOT get on the Voyage).

We had a great day, probably the best day this summer, and I can't wait to go back in July! Thanks to Holiday World and staff for all the fun!

Ride Ratings: (Scale from 1-10)

  • Raven= 9
  • Legend= 8
  • Frightful Falls Log Flume= 8
  • Voyage!= 10
  • Raging Rapids= 6
  • Liberty Launch= 7
  • Gobbler Getaway= 6
  • Turkey Twirl= 6
  • Splashin' Safari= 9

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To answer your question if any other flumes take your picture, Indiana Beach's takes your picture on the drop... And if you consider Splash Mountain a flume, it also takes your picture on the drop.

I'm not sure if there are others.

Josh M.

^Thunder River at Waldameer in Erie, PA also takes your pic as well.
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Logger's Run at SFGAm in Gurnee, IL also does (at least did at one time).

Viking Voyager at Worlds of Fun.

Prowler. Opens May,2 2009.

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So does the Log Jammer at Kennywood.

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^&^^&^^^&^^^^&^^^^^...... Okay, I get it, Frightful Falls isn't the only log flume that take your picture. ;)
Boston Tea Party at Canobie takes your photo.

Thornberrys at KI takes your photo.



Good trip report of your adventures, i agree with your take on the coasters, by far raven is a great coaster. A bit short, but damn good. The Legend does lag behind a bit to the others in my personal preference, but its still not bad.

holiday world is by far one of the better parks out there. Prices and everything are right, and by the way most log flumes at places do take pictures now, the only place sadly is cedar point, because they dont have one. One can only hope.

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