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I was skeptical of large new ride until I saw this in the newsletter emailed today:

Yes, we will have a new...thing...for next year...
Our big announcement will be Thursday, August 13, at 11 am CDT...
Park president Will Koch will proudly unveil his latest plan formaking everyone smile. He's been working on this for several years andhas been talking about it even longer. In's the secondlargest ride project in the park's history"

Second largest behind the Voyage? Now I'm thinking steel coaster. Thoughts?

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Spinning mouse with gourd themed cars..."Pumpkin Puker" ??

Ya heard it here first, folks!

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Wow I more excited about this then the KD giga. Might even have to get a HW season pass next year.

So Moosh, what is it going to be?

Steel Coaster or ProSlide Rocket

Remember, if it costs more than Pilgrim's Plunge but less than Voyage, that puts it between 4.3 and 6.5 million dollars.

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I'd say a Proslide Rocket. It would add amazing capacity to the waterpark and a very thrilling attraction.

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I don't see how any water ride could be the "2nd largest ride project in park history". With only 3 coasters in the line up, a lot of people turn there nose down at HW not realizing that quality is much more important that quanity. I also think HW needs something with inversions.

Only a few weeks to find out. I bet Paula knows :)

Hmmm. The fact that it would cost less than the Voyage makes me think it won't be a steel coaster. What project has Will been talking about for several years?

Also they didnt say what park is getting its second largest investment. I think a Rockit (perhaps the worlds longest rockit) would cost more then any slide there, but not more then the additon when they added the Wave Pool and River all in one year yes?

I agree...the steelie isn't coming until they can go all out for it!

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From what I read in the above quote says nothing about the cost.It says 2nd largest ride project not 2nd most expensive ride project.

This could mean something between 4042' & 6442'.

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DaveStroem said:
This could mean something between 4042' & 6442'.

Along the same line of thought, it doesn't say longest - it says largest. ;)

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True, that is why I put in the work "could". At this point we are all just guessing anyways.

But since they just put in PP, which is 1/2 ride park & 1/2 water park. I would think it will be a dry ride. The wait is only a few weeks. Till then we can play this game again.

Inverted Flume anyone?


Half wet/hald dray? Aquatrax anyone?

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It's a freaking Beemer!!!!!!

Deal with it!!!! :)

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Since it's a "ride project" it could be multiple-rides, too.

Has anyone heard how they are doing attendance-wise this year despite the economy?

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The Monday that we were there it was pretty crowded. At one point Legend & Raven both had close to an hour wait.

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From my experiences and sources, the park has been packed almost every day this month. (The exception being days with bad weather.)

I can't WAIT to hear this announcement! I do wonder, if it's such a big deal, why they haven't been teasing us at all?

But the latest E-newsletter definitely screams steel coaster. What other project could Will have been working on for several years, and talking about for even longer? Holiday World is well-aware of the public demand for a new steel roller coaster, and I honestly believe that we won't have to wait too much longer for it...


Its been several years since the first blockbuster water coaster was made too (Master Blaster @ Schlitterbahn.) Ever since most water parks have been requested to get them by the public.

I once got to talk to the owner of Noah's Ark (pre Black Anaconda) and he was talking about how that had become the most requested new ride from guests ever since the Discovery Channel special featuring it. He stated that as much as he would love to get one for the park, it was not feasible because the design as it stood had too few blocks to have a good enough capacity for the park. Then Proslide came around and with their conveyer system instead of water as a means of upward acceleration and every uphill component became a block and the ride was capable of rapid e-stop and restart without having to evac the slide and Black Anaconda was ordered.

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DaveStroem said: So Moosh, what is it going to be?

Call me Belinda lips are sealed.

Pilgrims Plunge was an Intamin. Perhaps they will go back to them? If so it could be something like this ride. Cost of 7 million USD with a capacity of 800 pph. In comparison, the Steel Dragon spinning coaster at Waldameer is listed at 4 million dollars with a capactiy of 930 pph.

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