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Wow. After a grave disapointment of not getting to go to SFStL, I did get an AWESOME treat to replace it. What could be better than a great day at HW with friends?

We arrived at the park around 12:30 central time and headed straight for The Voyage to find it running only one train; the line looked to be long. It was down the stairs and through the building, but we waited it out anyway. It ended up only being about 20 minutes for the very back seat! What a ride. Seemed alot smoother than before though.....don't know why. Made it through the awesome ride, rolled into the brake-run, and then a power surge hit. We were stuck on the brake-run for about 10-15 minutes, during which someone infront of us vomited. Yummy. Still gets a.

After Voyage, we picked up some cokes and walked over to Gobbler Getaway. 45 minute line, didn't want to wait so we headed over to The Legend.

The Legend also seemed to have cut down on being so rough. I was actually one of the most enjoyable rides I have ever gotten on it. Gets a 9/10

Next we headed down to Frightful Falls Log Flume. A very fun ride this is. The small drop in the tunnel takes you by suprise and gets you alittle wet. Has alot more to it than just going up,turning around, and dropping back down. It gets a 9/10 for log flumes.

We now took a break and picked up some cheese fries and Dippin' Dots. Talk about some good snackin'! The fries were crispy and fresh, and the cheese was just spicy enough. The chocolate dippin' dots were very good too. Not much else to say about them though. They are chocolate ice cream in little balls. Taste great. Gets 9/10 for snacks.

We once again headed to Legend and rode in the same seat. Nice ride. 8/10

The Raven was not far off, so thats where we went next. Wow it was very smooth and suprising. I enjoyed it very much. One of my best coaster rides of the day! 9 1/2 out of 10.

Rough Rider bumper cars was next. Great bumper cars! Some of the best i've ridden. I think I actually hurt one of my friends! Oh well, they're alive. 7/10

Went over to Thunder Bumpers (bumper boats). Wow i've never gotten soaked on bumper boats before today that dont have water geysers. I was drenched! 7/10

Walked around to Revolution and rode twice. Not much to say, it's a red, white, and blue round up ride. Everyone but me got quiesy from this. Not my fault. lol 5/10

Only an hour till closing so I wanted to get more rides in on The Voyage. Got down there and waited for the front. WOW! What a view while heading down that first drop; amazing! 11/10

Rode The Voyage a few more times and then park closed. What can I say? Awesome park, awesome rides, awesome friends, AWESOME DAY! If you haven't made it out to Holiday World, you have no idea what you are missing. Do anything you can to get out to Holiday World and The Voyage; you will NOT be dissapointed!

I was there yesterday as well. Too bad they never got a second train on the Voyage. I would have understood running one train on Raven and Legend throughout the day, as they were both walk-ons. I actually did ask an attendant if they were going to be putting a second train on, and she didn't know. So I walked over to guest relations to see what was up, and I got a response of, "it would take too long to put on a second train so it would actually be a longer wait if we were to do that." Which I knew wasn't a valid answer, as I've seen them transfer a train and it took about 10 minutes. Oh well, after I went back to the Voyage the line was (like you said) only about 20 minutes with one train, so not too bad.


The whole one train thing would have really gotten under my skin. I don't think I will ever understand why parks don't run multiple trains when there is nothing mechanically wrong with the other trains. Why would a park want people to get aggravated in a line (granted not absurdly long) when they know there is only one train on the course? If I had to choose between people waiting 20 minutes in line and no line at all, wouldn't a park want people on the midways with more time to spend their money?

I guess there are some reasons, like maintenance costs and half empty trains running too slow in bad weather, but I don't think these trump the obvious inconvenience of unnecessary lines. When I worked at CP, it was just always asssumed that all 3 trains were going on unless one was down for maintenance reasons. I'm not saying that the Voyage needs to run 3 since HW is usually relatively quiet, but one train seems unacceptable for the greatest ride ever built.

Regardless, I can't wait to go back!


I recall Phantom's Revenge at Kennywood. When it has one train running the waits are usually in the 45 min. to one hour range. With two trains the waits are usually around 10 or 15 minutes. The problem is that it does take some time to put the second train out and meanwhile the line is not moving at all.

More coasters need to built with an extra block before the station. This would allow the second train to be held just before the station while the other train waits to be filled up completely. Then two train operation can be used with full trains during moderately slow times including the time just after opening. No need to have a delay to add the second train.

Arthur Bahl

I think Holiday World sounds like a great place so this comment isn't fully directed there, but why don't parks just put on the max. number of trains from the get-go. If its a Saturday (or weekday even), then two trains is not going to kill anybody. Doesn't Voyage have three trains? Why would they even consider using one on that long of a ride. Even if they aren't both full, you can marathon.

One of the best days I had was at Six Flags Marine World (yeah...). They had two trains on Medusa and no wait so I could just ride over and over.

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