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Since I couldn't make PPP we drove the 3 hours from St. Louis for one last round of my favorite coasters. Pat was at the entrance greeting everyone which always makes us feel good. The park was it's usual clean and tidy self. Everyone seemed to be respecting the new "No Smoking" rule. The weather was beautiful and the park was a bit more crowded than I had seen on previous closing weekends. All the ride ops were working with their usual speed so lines were never excessive.

Both coasters seemed to be running with their usual out-of-control wildness. The Raven did seem to shuffling a little bit in the turn over the lake, but nothing very noticable. The dive into the woods and back to the station is still my favorite part of any coaster. While we were waiting in line (all of 6 minutes) we tried to figure out how and where they were going to put in a transfer track for the new train. The Legend was what is always has been: fast and powerful. I'm still a fan of the front seat for the view, but a ride in the back makes me hang on for dear life. Yes, I'm one of those wusses who keeps their hands down.

We also got multiple rides on all our favorite flats. The bumper cars, Liberty Launch, and Halloswings are all favorites of mine. I had to take one last ride on the Roundhouse just to say I rode it. I mus be losing my tolerance for spinning rides since my wife said I looked a little green getting off. She says I'm getting old, I blame the pizza.

It was a great way to cap off my riding year and I can't wait to go back next year.

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