Holiday World - July 23, 2006

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I won’t bore you to death with a blow-by-blow account of our day, I just want to keep the word of mouth (or would it be keyboard) moving along.

With four of my six children in tow we spent the day at Holiday World. It was the second visit for my wife and I, the first for the kids. All I can say is WOW! I was highly impressed on my first visit and thought my opinion could not be any better. I was wrong.

The kids that came along range in age from 12 to 16. They loved it, and want to know when we are returning. It’s a 3 hour drive from Cincinnati, so not anytime soon, unfortunately.

Now the nitty gritty. The park was immaculate. I know that other parks are “Smoke Free” but at HW it’s really true. The smokers had their sections, and stayed in them. No queue smokers, no roamers, nothing. In fact, I did not see a single cigarette butt anywhere.

We fed a group of five (I did not eat) for $22. Yes, $22, and the teens were full.

The staff was as friendly as expected and more so. We were greeted my Mrs. Koch, and my youngest was impressed. He told me he never saw President Bush at Busch Gardens when we would frequent there. I love 12 year old. They almost have a clue.

After a spectacular ride on the Raven, we were stopped in the final break run for about 15 minutes while a seat was fixed in the train ahead. An operations director came out and told us what was up. Really not a big deal, it was good to see how quick they fixed such things and the fact that a director took the time to come out and fill us in. As a result, we got a re-ride right then. We didn’t even have to get up. Now that is customer service. When my sons and I said "thank you" for the re-ride, the man grinned from ear-to-ear. It was clear he enjoyed his job.

The Legend and The Voyage were each late starters. The Voyage opened around noon or so. I have no idea why it was closed, and don’t really care. That ride was absolutely incredible. I laughed the whole time and that has only happened one other time in 42 years (on MF in 2000). The initial three drops are unreal. My only minor complaint is that the twists and turns in the back were a little rough. But then my hands were up and I was laughing so hard, had I put my hands down, I am sure it would have been fine. The triple down in the dark is quite possibly my favorite element ever. Without a doubt, this is my hands down (or would that be up?) favorite ride anywhere.

The Legend did not open until after 6pm. The staff was working on the track at the final turn before the final brake run. The Legend is my least favorite at HW, but I am always impressed by the “out of control” feeling that The Legend delivers. Of course my least favorite at HW is still one of my overall favorites. How you can lose with three awesome rides?

Great coasters, great flats, great water park, and great staff. Overall a great place. Did I say great enough?

Don’t walk, run to Holiday Word and enjoy coaster heaven. Inversion or Steel mongers need not apply. Of course, stealing Moosh’s comment, Your Mileage May Vary.

Edited to put my paragraphs back - I hate cut and paste that removes such things. ;)

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The place is always first class.

If I was building or owned a current park,this would be the place that it would be modeled after.

Too bad its so far away. :(

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