Holiday World - 7/17/03

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Holiday World was the first of three parks in what I like to call my "Super Roller Coaster and Robot Weekend." I wasn't sure what to expect as we pulled up the park. I was somewhat surprised by the amount of cars in the lot, but soon found that they were mostly there for the water park. It was about 2:00 and I expected long lines....I love it when I'm wrong!

We walked up to Raven and found a one train wait for everything but front row. So we took a spot in the middle and prepared for a ride on the #1 woodie. I must say...the initial impression was great: fast, lots of good G's...nice laterals...rough, but not too rough, like a woodie should be. One of the better woodie's I've been on, but I wasn't so sure it was the best.

We then went over to Legend and took a ride in the middle again. This ride was simply amazing. Very fast, may turns, a twisting layout, good air, good G's, a great helix...just some too many lateral G's for my taste. At this point, I thought it was better than Raven. I needed more of both though.

A front row ride on Legend proved to be better than the first. A front row ride on Raven also proved to be better than the first, but still lacking compared to legend. A back row ride on Raven was the best of them all. Nothing to complain about there. Probably as close to perfection as possible. The back of Legend? Good, but not great. I think I liked the front a little better there.

As for the rest of the park, the friendly atmosphere was great, and the short lines helped everything. Being a rather warm day, the free drinks came in handy as well.

Overall, I would have loved to have spent more time here, but because we had to get to Indianapolis that night for a robotics tournament the next couple of days, we had to leave around 6:00. I certainly will return in the near future.


"And we are now passing under Millennium Force, which, with the arrival of Top Thrill Dragster, is now...just blue."

Holiday World rules! Did you ride any other rides?

Nashville needs a theme park!

I still cant believe they provide unlimited free soft drinks. That blows my mind. I have SO gotta get to this's only 317 miles from my house. Thats not bad at all considering Cedar Point is 400.

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do yo think holiday world is a definant "worth the trip" drive from mid North Carolina. Just as an example, I drove 12 hours to Kings Island plus 3 more hours to Cedar Point, which if i had went straight to cedar point it would have been about 11-12 hours. Ofcourse Cedar point was worth the drive but Holiday World.......?
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Cedric, if you are all about the coaster count, CP is your place. HW may not have much in coaster numbers, but what they have is extremely top notch. Life would a dream is you could live on Raven or Legend. So amazing!

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While there, I also took a ride on the Tilt-a-Whirl, the gravitronish ride (spins and tilts, pinning you to the wall...), the bumper boats, and the Freedom Train.

If you're in the area, its definitely worth the trip. But to come all the way from North Carolina just for a fun park with two top wood coasters, a few average flats, and unlimited drinks (and a great waterpark if you like that kind of stuff), thast pushing it. If you tie it in to a trip to other parks, then by all means...go there. To be honest, we probably wouldn't have made the 5 hour drive (I'm from northwest Indiana...Hammond to be specific) if we didn't have a reason to travel through the state.


"And we are now passing under Millennium Force, which, with the arrival of Top Thrill Dragster, is now...just blue."

I would only drive that far if I was going to make it a multi-park thing. (PKI,SFKK, HW).

Ramming your face into the bottom of a swimming pool is not very fun.

And that is exactly what I just got done doing. These 3 parks are relatively close to eachother.

Arena football has arrived in the Windy City. Go "Chicago Rush"

I did that trio as well last year, part of my Midwest Coaster Trip last year. Its always nice to go SFKK and PKI in the same day. ;)

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