Holdiay world blocks the number 6 on their clocks?

Why do they do this.. just very curious.
I just returned from a great day at the park. I've searched the net and the forums here and have had no luck coming up with an answer. Perhaps I should have asked Santa Clause while I was there... I did see him.
Anyhow, anyone know why this is?

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Umm... that is where the digital clock is. It also has the current temperature.

Ahhh, but why do they have it over the six and not some other number? ;)

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Because six is evil.

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That's because it's twice three.

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...and thrice two!

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Please don't start that "power of three" stuff again!

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Without the six there are only three numbers represented by numbers on the clocks, the 12, 9 and 3 all of which are multiples of three. *gasp*

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I believe the reason to be it simply looks the best there.

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In your opinion. :)

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Maybe its a coverup?

(wait for it...)

What the hell is Holdiay world?

Oh. Thanks. I never saw the digital clock I guess. They just started showing up in my park photos when I was looking through them when I got back. Found it strange. And a little spooky. I still kinda do. Perhaps I've watched Final Destination 3 too many times.

Thrice thanks?

aerodynamic said:
... Perhaps I've watched Final Destination 3 too many times.

And 3 times 2 equals 6!!! Holy snot Aero!

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And how many top 25 wooden coasters does HW have? 3...

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I saw 3 urinals in one of their restrooms *Scared*

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Holiday (7 letters)
World (5 letters)



^Ok, Jim Carrey!!

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Four is the magic number, you guys. Four. Not stupid three. Three is an impostor.

Holiday World = 12
Twelve = 6
Six = 3
Three = 5
Five = 4
Four = 4
Four = 4
Four = 4
Four = 4
Four = 4

Everything is four.

But on all THREE of Holiday World's wood coasters there is something special about Drop #5. How's that?

The box where the #6 should be contains a digital clock, calendar, and dual temperature readout. When it is working. I saw it on one of the clocks today.

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