Historical photos of Kings Island added to KICentral

Posted Tuesday, July 10, 2007 11:54 AM | Contributed by Dane186

KICentral has uploaded new historical photos of Kings Island during the '72 and '75 seasons, and also a video. Also new is Vortex construction photos and King Cobra being tested at the ToGo plant in Japan before it was sent to Kings Island.

Link: Kings Island Central

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007 12:18 PM
Aaaaaah, back when it was a wonderful THEME park and all the rides were at least named to fit the themes. It is amazing how a place can lose so much charm over time.

Oktoberfest actually had rides in it at one time!

Thanks for the great pics! Too many cool rides have been removed over time. Especially the Zodiac!

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007 3:46 PM
So if King Cobra was put together at the factory and operated. Does that mean that Kings Island got it used?
Tuesday, July 10, 2007 3:59 PM
that was probably the most significant historical piece of theme park history I've ever viewed on any amusement park website
Wednesday, July 11, 2007 10:58 AM
Hey, not only did I see one of the Banana Splits, but someone snapped a great picture of Napoleon Dynamite!


Wednesday, July 11, 2007 11:09 AM
By the way, a couple of questions. The skyride cabins look a lot like the original Disneyland cabins. Any connection? Also, was that a Tumble Bug in the video? If I understand it right, some of the rides from Cincinnati's Coney Island were relocated to this new, flood-proof park.
Wednesday, July 11, 2007 12:48 PM
Early on many of KI's rides were from Coney - the log flume, Galaxi, Bayern Curve, Dodgems, Tumble Bug, Rotor, skyride, etc. Once the decision to move was made, all the rides brought into Coney had to be relocatable. Some of the older rides like the Tumble Bug moved, some (like their Whip) didn't.

The Coney / KI skyride was a Von Roll - was Disneyland's?

Wednesday, July 11, 2007 11:57 PM
Sigh. The Enchanted Voyage. Back before they brought in those little bastard Smurfs. "This old bear outsmarts the ranger . . ." I used to love the giant clown with the teeth at the end.
Thursday, July 12, 2007 3:55 PM
Sigh is right. It was a special park back in those days. Now it is a just a park full of mis-matched half theming and mediocre rough riding coasters.

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