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Monday, May 10, 2004 8:15 AM
TheRealCP's avatar May 8, 2004 - Cedar Point

Rather than providing a play-by-play of the entire day at Cedar Point's opening day, I'll offer my version of the highlights of the trip. Enjoy!

(1) For long waits in line at Top Thrill Dragster, always take along OldCPer. She is great for a Panda Entertainment worker from Rollercoaster Tycoon any time you say, "I've been standing in line..." Hehe!

(2) Yay! With persevereance, you too can ride TTD. It may only take a wait of 2 hours. ;)

(3) Life is good when you have a bunch of coaster enthusiasts on the same train of TTD together. Cheers for our train of OldCPer, Kristin, Arrow Guy and CoasterQueenTR. That was cool.

(4) The paint color change on Iron Dragon led us all to a great discussion of repainting all of Cedar Point to be orange and red; we've redubbed Iron Dragon the "Great Pumpkin Ride."

(5) Blue Streak ran great!

(6) Love of coasters is screaming like you're scared to death on Disaster Transport and Cedar Creek Mine Ride.

(7) Blue train won on Gemini. Yay us!

(8) In line at Wicked Twister, I asked OldCPer if I could "break wind" for her, in a literal weather-way as we were being blasted by north winds off Lake Erie. Hehe.

(9) 5+ rides in a row on Magnum XL200 at night with the trims off. Awesome!

(10) Spotting Avalanche Same in the Magnum queue and getting his attention to chat with him was too funny.

There's probably much more I could say, but these were my highlights for the day. :)


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