High Speed Thrill Coaster Dismantling

I have added some pictures of the dismantling of the high speed thrill coaster to my site in case anyone hasn't seen them yet:


Please excuse the mess as we are cleaning up the site, but enjoy the pictures.

Flying turns picture updates coming next.

Brian Smith

Sad to see it go, it was one of the best kiddie coasters I have been on. I'm just glad I finally got to the park last year and was able to get the credit.

nasai's avatar

Count me out of the news, but where is it heading, if anywhere?

The Flying Turns makes all the right people wet - Gonch

I doubt it's going anywhere except for the scrapyard, with one piece perhaps saved for Knoebels' museum. The ride was removed because there was basically no metal left to weld. You know that if Knoebels removes a classic attraction, it had to be in pretty sad shape.

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