HEY YOU! Change your clothes or get out!

There was an on-line story I read (today) that made me want to post this.

Somewhere some people attending a major league baseball game who were sitting in spectacular seats behind home plate. They were asked to change their clothes because they were wearing shirts supporting the opposing team.

They were told by the stadium brass that they had to either change into home team apparel which they would be given or they had to leave the section.

From what I understand they did agree to the change (they got some free shirts) and the rest of the day was uneventful.

In our amusement park world...I can't think of how many times I was at one park wearing another park's swag. I am not the type to wear things with foul or obsence sayings anyway...but have any of you ever been in a situation at a park where this happened? Have you ever seen something like this happen? Any thoughts?

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That's actually a really great, different topic! I haven't had it happen to me, but I don't have many coasting shirts. I've worn my Cedar Point t-shirt ("Save a Tree, Ride Steel Coasters"), but I wear it at Dorney usually, or I wear my Keep Calm and Ride On shirt, but that's a Dorney shirt too.

Maybe I'll rock my sparkly Universal shirt next time and see if anything happens. Lol

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I see it from time to time (I live in Chicago). I think it's cool; it takes a spine. People really do like both teams (or parks, etc.).

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Being as the crowd at the amusement park isn't televised on a daily basis - I can assure you nothing at all will happen if you wear your Six Flags shirt to Cedar Point. You see it all the time...at least I do.

But, it is a long-standing, common sense, rule for commercial/media shoots to wear neutral clothing. They don't want the competition's logo all over the hype for their new ride.

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bunky666 said:

Maybe I'll rock my sparkly Universal shirt next time and see if anything happens. Lol

That'll show 'em! Always stirring the pot, aren't you?

Yes. I'm a real badass, aren't I? ;)

"Look at us spinning out in the madness of a roller coaster" - Dave Matthews Band

I have worn Dorney shirts to Great Adventure a few times. One time a guard joked that I wasn't allowed in with the shirt and another time when I was wearing a Voodoo shirt another guard asked me about the coaster.

I've had more cases where people have made a comment when I am wearing a sports team shirt to a park. Since Great Adventure is in NY sports territory and a lot of the people in the park support those teams, I sometimes get comments if I wear an Eagles or Phillies shirt. At Dorney, even though that is Eagles territory (especially with their training camp around 20 minutes from Dorney), a ride op told me at Thunderhawk that Eagles fans aren't allowed on the ride.

I was more nervous wearing a Phillies shirt to an away game last year when they played the Orioles. It was a non issue though since when I got to the stadium it looked like a home game with at least 75% of the people there being Phillies fans.

A few years ago, I remember hearing someone wearing a shirt with Fukudome's name on it when he was still on the Cubs not allowed into Great America. I don't own the Antonio Bastardo Phillies shirt but I wonder what would happen if I tried to wear that shirt into a park.

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I don't wear park shirts.

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Well I wear them ironically.

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Wow. Who would have thought something on Seinfeld would have been true? (Elaine got kicked out of a Yankees game for wearing an Orioles cap.)

I've never been told to change my clothes because of something that offends someone. In 1997 and in 1998, when the Detroit Red Wings won the Stanley Cup, I visited the losing teams town (Philadelphia and Washington DC respectively) and visited their area theme parks, totally dressed in Red Wing Attire. Several people yelled "Next Year" at me, I replied "That's the Spirit"! In 2008, when the Red Wings were playing Pittsburgh, I was in the Pittsburgh area because a Cousin was getting married. Naturally, I visited Kennywood, wearing Red Wing Attire. We won that year, but the following year Pittsburgh returned the favor and got their revenge.

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"Sir, you can't wear that Browns national championship jersey." -said no one ever

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Wear an ACE shirt on your next TPR trip ;)

In 2001 I actually planed a "Rub-In" trip[ even more diabolical than my 1997 and 1998 coaster trips. I was going to "Rub-In" the 2000 Presidential Election on the people of the Miami area during my then-annual "Miami Coaster Fix" at the now-defunct Dania Beach Hurricane. :( A Coaster Club (Not ACE) had planned a get-together at Boomers for September of that year, and I had acquired T-Shirts from both George W. Bush and Al Gore Campaigns. (As you all know there was a tremendous F.U.B.A.R. because the election was VERY Close. Many Districts in South Florida had Ballots where ballots had every Democrat listed had been voted for except the Presidential Candidate (Gore) Al Gore wanted these ballots to count him, but the US Supreme Court ruled against him, an Bush Prevailed). I had done a little research, and I found out most of these neighborhoods had a high amount of people of a certain ethnicity. I came to a conclusion these people were upset about an incident that occurred earlier that year, so I modified both T-Shirts so that they related to that incident.

The Back of the Bush T-Shirt bore the words "Gracias Elian!" (Referring to Elian Gonzalez, the Boy who was sent back to Cuba). while the Gore Shirt bore the words "Curse You Janet!" (Referring to Janet Reno, the Attorney General who ordered the boy forced back to Cuba. My plan was to "Parade" those shirts up and down Miami Beach's South Beach district two days before the Get-Together at Boomers. Unfortunately about a fortnight before the event (Which was held) 9-11 occurred, and I decided that because of this it wasn't in good taste to display these shirts. They wound up becoming dishrags instead.

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I was once asked by a security guard to turn my Poison shirt insideout at Great America I think. It has a Skeleton on it wearing a top hat, holding a lit bomb, surrounded by fire. And on the Bomb it says. "Swallow This Live.". I also was asked to turn my KISS shirt insideout at a county fair, because it has a tatooed naked lady on the back of it. Why buy shirts if you can't wear them?The most annoying was being told at Michigan's Adventure that my friend and I had to put our shirts on, while we were on the ride side of the park, while there were hundreds of teenage boys walking around with no shirts on, and women one step from being nude in their bikini tops, and mini shorts with their nasty thongs showing. Should have wore my KISS shirt that day.

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I didn't do it! I swear!!

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Have you ever considered that the guards just had decent taste in music?

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My daughter has received a few comments for her "Behemoth. Big Coaster, Eh!" shirt from both guests and employees from Stricker's Grove to Carowinds to SF America.

And I've been given the "OH....IO" routine for my Ohio State shirts. I would expect that at KI and CP, but this happened at SF New England and SF America. Good times.


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I wore my "goth" look to a Cedar Point employee event once and the security guard or Policeman or whatever at the entrance told me, "You gonna have ta wipe dat s*it off ya face before I let you come in here!"

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Changing your shirt is SO GAY!


I often wear an ACE T-Shirt to a Park along with a Star Trek Pin. I've had Park Employes at Cedar Point, Busch Gardens Tampa, The Western Washington Fair and Circus Circus Adventuredome say the exact same thing (An ACE Member and a Trekker, here's someone who knows where the action is) upon seeing this. I replied "Whenever I'm on shore leave I consult my ship's computer saying "I'm looking for some action, what do you suggest?" The computer then says, "Working......Southeastern USA, City of Las Vegas, Nevada.... Circus Circus Casino....Adventuredome.. <LOL>

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