Hershey's Springtime In The Park

Hi there, I may be interested in attending Hersheypark's Springtime in the Park on Saturday, April 5th. I was wondering if all the rides (excluding Fahrenheit) were scheduled to be open and how the crowds were if anybody attended the previous year. I say this because I noticed ticket prices were only about $20 per person so I'd figure attendance would be up? Thanks.


A few rides are not open. Check the website for a complete listing. I remember though in years past, if the crowd is big enough, the will open more like lightning racers and wildcat.

Other events were held over easter weekend, and yes it was crowded. I don't know if this being held on a non holiday weekend will make a difference.

Regardless, I will be Hershey Park Happy both days!

gary b
I went in 2006 on a Saturday, the day before Easter. It was warm out and since admission was so cheap it was jammed. Storm Runner had a full queue and the line was overflowing onto the midway, Great Bear was 45 minutes, Sooperdooperlooper's line was down the stairs and into the switchbacks below (something I have never seen before), Comet's line was into 2 overflow switchbacks. It was horrible. I was planning to go last year on Easter Sunday since it's supposed to be dead on Easter but the 30's and high winds (with only Comet and SDL running), stopped me from going.

As the above post mentioned, since it's a holiday weekend, it may not be that crowded. Plus it's also Great Adventure's opening weekend which might take away some of the crowds.

^Let me date myself...I remember 2.5-3 hour waits for SDL when the line ran through all of the turnstiles (there were more underneath the transfer track than there is now).

I remember three train operation as well....


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