Hersheypark's 100th

Friday, May 19, 2006 2:03 AM
SDL also "interacts" with the flume. Both IMO are great rides. SDL is a great introduction to looping coasters for younger riders and newbies. If nothing else, you still get the footchopper on the right side while riding Great Bear.

The Coalcracker still gets long lines. One of the best, if not the best final drop on a flume. And the cascade constructed next to it is great.

The monorail gets huge lines during the holiday events (both Halloween and Christmas). The Kissing Tower is also very popular at those times. Both give great views of all the lights and decorations. Monorail also goes over the Zoo, so it might at least get some people to go there who wouldn't have thought of it otherwise.

Anybody ever hear what became of that Design a Coaster contest Hershey sponsored last year? Somehow I just thought that was going to tie into the Anniversary celebration. But if they were building a new coaster for next year, you'd have heard about it by now, wouldn't you?

Friday, May 19, 2006 2:24 AM
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Anybody ever hear what became of that Design a Coaster contest Hershey sponsored last year? Somehow I just thought that was going to tie into the Anniversary celebration. But if they were building a new coaster for next year, you'd have heard about it by now, wouldn't you?

That was just an RCT3 contest sponsored by Hershey, nothing more.

No one that frequents any of the regularly traveled RCT forums has heard a single thing back yet. Which feels kind of odd. I find it hard to belive that all of the major prize winners are people who don't actively participate in any online RCT community. Especially since the last big RCT contest (for RCT2) had 5 of the 6 major prize winners identified within 24 hours of notification.

And not one entrant has received the stupid free candy bar coupon consolation prize that everyone who entered was supposed to get either.

For a contest that was to be judged on or around March 15th with all prizes delivered in 4 to 6 weeks of the judging date, Hershey sure seems to be doing a piss poor job with things.


Friday, May 19, 2006 7:22 AM
I think someone hit on the absolute biggest reason that they built the waterpark where it is on the first page; the water and sewer lines were already in place to handle that kind of capacity. While the above-ground work on a waterpark is relatively cheap, I can guarentee that the underground work is as expensive if not more than a steel tower and a couple of plastic tubes. If you can significantly reduce those costs, go for it! They certainly are trying to keep all the water rides in one place too, there were signs all over the borders of that area telling of swimsuits allowed and watch out you will get wet in this area. And I know they had those last year, but now they're like life-sized characters and there's a heck of a lot more of them.

I think you guys also hit on another thing that could happen. They're isolating Wildcat and Lightning Racer and sort of removing the Midway America theme, but if they take down the old arena and take out some parking space to move it to the golf course, could they not create a "new" Midway America that wraps from the entrance, behind the new Reese's ride, behind Claw and provides new access to Wildcat and Lightning Racer while avoiding the waterpark? Seems like a good solution to the problem.

And whoever said this, how do you figure that a parking lot ALLEVIATES flooding problems? You're turning thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of square feet of penetrable ground space into impenetrable? Unless you put a giant pool in under the lot, which would probably make it the Most Expensive Parking Lot in the World (thereby creating a direct copyright infringement problem with Cedar Point) no parking lot drainage system can possibly handle the kind of floodwater that open land could. If an area already has flooding problems, they're going to have a tough fight to install a bunch of concrete for any use, Midways or parking lot.

Don't be bitter Gonch, go to Giant Eagle and spend the $.99 if you're that hard up for a Hershey bar ;)

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Friday, May 19, 2006 11:20 AM
I think the waterpark addition is a good choice as Midway America is basically devoid of shade. And it keeps all the water rides that you can ride in your swimsuit contained to one area. That's smart like at Dorneypark.
Friday, May 19, 2006 1:29 PM
Wow! Has this thread developed in the past week...
SLFAKE: You are correct that maintenance on the Arena has been reduced, but it is still being maintained. At present, there are no solid plans to remove it. Cost of demolition alone is a limiting factor. Also, you are correct about the Giant Center; HERCO is the "management company" charged with running it. It is owned by the Derry Twp Industrial Development Authority with some assistance from the Comm. of PA and HERCO. HERCO is supposed to acquire ownership at some time in the next 10 years. The Arena is still a solid structure and they are still finding ways to continue to use it. There are also supposed to be plans for the Museum building (old Ice Palace) when they leave.
The Cuddle-Up (aka Coal Shaker) was sold in 1989 to whereabouts unknown, although supposedly somewhere in New England. I have never heard anything about it since. Cuddle-up's by their nature are maintenance-hungry rides. It was almost a daily occurance to have the welders come up and weld tips on the frogs (triangle shaped plates where the platters meet). That and it's a noisy ride! I love them dearly, but I can understand why no one operates a 5 platter model today. As for the one Twin Grove owns (ex-Rocky Springs Park), I have heard no timetable for installation. It apparently requires a great deal of overhaul and at this point, I don't think they're interested in it (or most of the other rides they acquired).
The waterpark may be a knee-jerk reaction, but after being shot-down on so many other locations, it was the only way to do it. It also guarantees (at least in hot weather) a big attendance increase at the gate. As for the location, it's not so much to do with existing underground utilities, but more to utilize the empty space left by the laser fiasco, and the fact that it is next to the existing water area. There may also be some other changes slotted for Midway in the near future, but none confirmed as of now.
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Friday, May 19, 2006 1:56 PM
Wow, you're a wealth of interesting information!

Are you sure about the Coal Shaker having been sold in 1989? I remember going to Hershey and riding that, and I'm pretty sure my first visit to Hershey was 1990 or 1991. Then again, I could be wrong, but that year sounds wrong. Anyway, there's no word on what happened to the ride... where it went... what the owners had in mind? Too bad.

A while back there was discussion about the Twin Grove cuddle-up but I don't think anyone mentioned it came from Rocky Springs. Interesting. What other rides did the park acquire? Any word on when their circle swing will be up and running? I'm thrilled that the park decided to install that ride. I guess the owners of the park want to expand with older, traditional amusement park attractions?

I'm sure much of the decision regarding the waterpark has to do with the currect location of the water attractions, it just seems to me that the park isn't considering the fact that they'll probably have to expand the facility in the future. It's not like Lightning Racer could easily be relocated! Then again, I'm sure the old waterslides by the entrance to Midway America will be removed, and that should open up space for a small ride or two. Any chance of the Wild Mouse being relocated there? I'm sure that would make a little more room for the waterpark.

Saturday, May 20, 2006 7:41 PM
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Touchdown, I would add the obvious. A coaster. Coasters is where it's at. Every time a park adds one, gate attendance jumps. You also don't have to wait a year to see how it affects the waiting lines for the other rides, specifically, the other coasters. It spreads the crowd out more and more each time you put one in. With all do respect, trust me! I've been going to amusement parks (especially HP) long before you were even born. I've seen and done it all. Now don't get me wrong, I like water rides as much as the next guy, but there is already enough in the park itself. Like I said. Build a separate water park altogether.

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Sunday, May 21, 2006 11:14 AM
The Minetown area was redeveloped for the 1990 season, with the addition of the Flying Falcon, and kiddie rides Red Baron, Convoy and Dinosaurs. Hence, the Coal Shaker was removed at the end of the 1989 season and sold. It might have been officially sold in 1990, but was removed in 1989.

As for the TGP question, even though I only live 10 miles from it, I couldn't begin to tell you when the Circle Swing will be finished. By beginning the construction I believe they've committed to it, but it's been a year so far and little progress has been made. I have the feeling that this might be one of the last rides they install. I hope I am wrong, but....
They own (or at least did) a Bisch-Rocco Flying Scooter (ex-unknown), the Satellite Jet and Looper from Whalom, their own park train (which never came back from being rebuilt) and pieces of a Pretzel, among others. It would be a really unique collection if they would ever put it together.

Expansion at Hershey will probably occur on some other side of the park rather than the Midway area. Unless the Comm. of PA decides to relocate PA743 (Park Avenue) the land that is marginally available on the East side of that road is useless. The land across Hersheypark Drive (old airstrip) is no longer available, having been traded to Milton Hershey School (reason for the parking lot on the golf course). I'd look for any expansion opportunities to happen on the South side of the park, toward the railroad. Sounds kind of unlikely, but there's really nowhere else to go. I think you will see more in the line of redevelopment of existing areas before the fence will be moved.

There will be a short quiz following this discussion.....

Sunday, May 21, 2006 10:45 PM
Superstew, if you have "seen and done it all", then you'd know that you're completely and utterly wrong. Coasters are not guarenteed gate bumps, they do not automatically spread the crowd out. You need not look any further than your local Cedar Fair or Six Flags park to see great examples of coasters which did not bump gate one iota. Heck, there's an entire park that's testament to that just outside of L.A.

In fact, in a twist of irony, it's exactly what you in your infinitely claimed wisdom say DOESN'T boost gate, which boosts it the most. Look at SFGAm's boost last year from their waterpark. Look at the boost to Dorney when Wildwater was added. Look at the boost to Holiday World when they expanded Splashin' Safari. Not only is it a guaranteed attendance boost, the gate-to-capital-cost ratio is infinitely better for waterparks and those style of attractions than for coasters. And, no coaster is going to be a major attraction for the entire family, from the 5-year-old just getting into riding to the 16-year-old adrenaline junkie to Mom and Dad, but the waterpark? There's something for everyone.

Thank you for playing, please try again some other time. What was that you were saying about trusting you? (and trust you with "do" respect! HA!)

Brett, Resident Launch Whore Anti-Enthusiast (the undiplomatic one)
Monday, May 22, 2006 2:43 PM
Coasters do not always boost attendance- there are times when drops in attendance are experienced during seasons when new coasters are added. It depends on a lot of things. I'm sure there have been years in recent memory when Great Adventure added a new coaster and attendance still dropped, or at the very best, maintained.

Comet Rider, I trust your information, it's just that you've thrown into question my first trip to Hershey. I want to say it was 1991- the first year I rode the Comet- but it's possible I was at the park before I started riding roller coasters... in which case it was definitely in the late 1980s. All I know is that I definitely rode the Coal Shaker and I also rode the cuddle up that once operated at Dorney Park.

I hope that Twin Grove continues to do what they seem to be doing- bringing in classic amusement rides. I can't begin to imagine how cool it would be to have a park with a circle swing, looper, cuddle-up, flying scooters and Satellite Jet! Add a wood coaster and you've pretty much got a slice of heaven! What happened at the park? Did it recently change hands and the new owners wanted more rides? Are they short on money and can't complete what they started right now, or simply over-extended themselves? So little is known about that park, and I guess that's one of the reasons why I find it so intriguing.

Monday, May 22, 2006 3:14 PM
Twin Grove has been around, at least in name, a very long time. When Carsonia Park in Reading, PA, closed in the early 1950's (?) some of the rides were purchased by Twin Grove. As time went by, the rides were forgotten and the focus was more on family camping. By the 1980's, even the camping had faded and it pretty much became a biker hangout. The original carousel was sold in 1980 (the frame is currently in Pottstown, PA being redeveloped).

The longtime owner died around 2000(?) and a few relatives and others decided to breathe new life into the park. They came up with some grand plans for a classic amusement park and KOA Kampground. There was a big turnaround in the original group and the remaining members are more interested in the campground end of it. They don't understand the potential they have there (even though many have tried to show them) for a really special place. And none of the current principals has any idea of how an amusement park works. Sad but true. I guess we can only wait and see what happens...

Monday, May 22, 2006 8:15 PM
Superstew's avatar Impulse-ive,

Wow!! I guess I'm way out of my league here and stand totally corrected. A most impressive comeback from someone I wasn' t even debating with. Oh how easy it is to sit behind a computer and be a smart ass know-it-all punk. You want to go toe to toe with my "infinite wisdom" as you called it, then I'll be happy to oblige. You can get cute and dazzle and amaze yourself all you want with your own BS, but at the end of the day more people would still rather see a coaster at HP. Ask around. As far as 5 year olds go. That's pretty much what your post sounded like it was written by. That's why parks have kiddie rides dude. But I'm sure you already knew that after bestowing us all with that fountain of fabulous knowledge and information

Thank you for playing, How to act like a complete idiot and jerk for no reason. How's that for respect pal? HA

Just when you think you have all the answers, I change the questions !
Monday, May 22, 2006 9:29 PM
While Impulse-ive was a bit flippent he had a good point, what else are they seriously going to add that is targeted towards their clientel (families) in the coaster dept? The only thing I can think of is a hyper, but those things take space, and wouldnt have really worked with the theme in the Midway America theme (the waterpark, however will allow Tidal Force, the Rapids ride, the Roller Soaker and the older slides will make a coiecive new themed area around water though.) And since they arent ready to go into the parking lot yet (and there is no room for a hyper currently within the park boundraies) going no coaster for a little bit is the wise thing to do.

Judging by the comercials (Ill be riding it in 3 weekds) their new dark shootum up ride looks like one of the best made by Sally, and even if it was just average is a gurarenteed slam dunk with familes as everyone can ride them together and the children arent bored since they are literally put in a live video game. The waterpark will have the same drawing power next year (seriously, who doesnt like a water slide.) I imagine that after next year they will be ready to start the planning for a new area of the park, of which Im sure a new coaster will be put in soon after but that besides the point. Putting in a few slides is a good plan if you are trying to draw in more families.

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Monday, May 22, 2006 11:22 PM
I would love a waterpark section...I've been on the slides they had there at Hershey...haven't been on roller soaker yet. The lines are always too long, or I'm just not in the mood to get wet :)

But a waterpark would be an excellent addition. Most of the parks in Eastern PA/NJ have a waterpark of some kind with it or near it. There's SFGAdv, Dorney, Sesame Place, Clementon, Morey's Piers - all have a ton of water rides or separate water parks, and most all of them are hugely successful parks. Think of how much a waterpark would add to Hersheypark's popularity!

Haha no I'm not giving Patrick the finger

Tuesday, May 23, 2006 7:11 AM
If I ask around I'll find more who want a coaster than a waterpark, eh? Just look through this thread and try and back that one up.

It wasn't open yet when I was there, so I can't evaluate the new dark ride, but I do know that there were a LOT of people commenting that they needed to come back when it was open, and the majority of those people were Mom and Dads with the kids in tow! That ride is/will be a smash hit with the families even if it is sort of "meh". Remember, people come from other parts of the world just to ride the similar, but less thrilling and less interactive Chocolate World ride!

Brett, Resident Launch Whore Anti-Enthusiast (the undiplomatic one)
Tuesday, May 23, 2006 9:47 AM
Impulse-ive, its not about what enthusiasts wants, we make up at best 5% of their attendance. The only park where the go for broke, lets build a coaster every 2 years model has worked is Cedar Point and an entire chain (Six Flags) has nearly gone bankrupt trying to duplicate that success. Hersheypark is not Cedar Point, they want to attract families with younger children that cant allways ride the coasters. A waterpark curently would be a better way to atract that clientel (given that the park allready has 11 coasters.)

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006 5:07 PM
What are you telling me for? Did you read my post? And the park only has 10 coasters... and if they want to continue to be seen as the family-friendly destination they already are, they'll stop at that number for a good long time. Tell Superstew ...
Brett, Resident Launch Whore Anti-Enthusiast (the undiplomatic one)
Tuesday, May 23, 2006 5:17 PM
^Sorry about the name screw up but they have 11 coasters in my book (Lightning and Thunder are not mirror images of each other and thus I count them as two seperate rides.)

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006 4:52 PM
Superstew's avatar Look. I said that I like water rides just fine. I think Hershey has the best water rides any park has to offer. At some point though, wouldn't it make sense to just build a water park ala soak city? As far as the family themed park thing. Not sure HP makes that claim. Their rides might not be as intense as CPs, but whos are?
Just when you think you have all the answers, I change the questions !
Wednesday, May 24, 2006 5:07 PM
I don't think CP has a lot of intense rides. A lot of their coasters could best be described as dull, or average at best.

Hershey does have a good collection of water rides but I agree that they would be served best by an actual waterpark and not another collection of water slides squeezed into available real estate inside the current park.


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