Hersheyparks 100th

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On second thought, I'm thinking I like the water attraction idea a little bit more after all. I wasn't overly thrilled when it was announced, but it's now growing on me. Was just down there a few days ago and seeing the structure rising up over midway america looks most impressive indeed. It certainly is colorful and twisted if nothing else. Ofcourse, I'll make my final decision when I actually get to try it out, but it's definitely looking pretty inviting.

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I still don't think it was a good idea. It's going to make that section of the park packed and there aren't that many slides/rides compared to a full size waterpark so the lines are going to be very long for everything.
Yea it's not a full water park, but have you seen the size of the boardwalk. it's pretty much a water park. it's bigger then some water parks. *** Edited 12/14/2006 12:51:22 AM UTC by Coasterkid85***
Already Have my 07 season pass. I cant wait to see the town wide celebration they promise!

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I was actually at HP last weekend for Christmas Candylane (which keeps getting better every year). With the signs and everything already around for the 100th anniversary I think that it is going to be a great year for them.

In regards to the waterpark, I really do think that they needed to add something in the way of a water attraction anyway. I know that when I'm up there in the summer the lines on the couple of water rides (River Rapids, Tidal Force) are extremely long. Even the dumb Roller Soaker has a horrible line.

I really do think that they are going to accomplish alot with the space that they have back there. I'm wondering how much it was needed because of the success of the Waterpark at DP?

I do think a waterpark at HP is a good idea being that it'll encompass both Roller Soaker, Tidal Force and the rapids ride.

But, I still question the color choices when it's supposed to be a [vintage] Midway America and you've got all these bright modern colors mixed in. Oh well, I guess they didn't have any other room to expand.

If it's like Dorney Park, it should lighten the load at some of the major attractions during the day, but for now, I don't see walk-on conditions like at DP.

I don't think that will happen either. Every time I was at Dorney this year that Wildwater Kingdom was open, it seemed like at least half of everyone at Dorney was in Wildwater Kingdom. Even if the new waterpark at Hershey has 25% of everyone in the park (I can't see it being more than that), the lines at Hershey will still be there. Maybe it will bring the average coaster lines down a few minutes but I'm not going to expect the lines at Hershey to every be like they are at Dorney (at least on a regular basis).
I normally don't have a big problem with the lines at Hershey. I wish it could always be 'walk on' lines, but usually there is no more then a 10-15 min wait if you go on the right days!

gary b
Its good that all their wet rides are located in one area. The new waterpark though is way too crammed into little space and will probably have a hard time accomodating crowds. It would have made more sense to build it where the current raft slides are and into the parking lot, at least for expansion reasons and crowd accomodation. *** Edited 12/18/2006 7:25:35 PM UTC by super7****
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The raft slides, from what I understand, might be headed for that great lumber yard in the sky. I think a lot of it depends on how well they fit in the scheme of things with this new project. There's a lot more room there for this thing than people think. As far as crowds go.. Yeah, HP gets packed, but the place is huge and like Gary B said, you just have to go on the right days. I'm also sure that HP, hardly being dummies, have taken this into account.

Just when you think you have all the answers, I change the questions !
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I wouldnt be shocked to see other rides moved around in the future.

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