Hersheypark Wildcat (new trains)

The new trains have saved the Wildcat. I actually re-rode the ride yeaterday. Normally, I only ride once a year. The difference is unbelievable. Many Thank-yous to all who were involved. This has now come from my list of worst to my list of greatest wooden coasters!

gary b
I liked the Wildcat with the PTC trains. It has always been an aggressive ride. I used to only ride in the front seat because the back was so rough. Last season I actually really enjoyed the back seat a lot after the retracking that they had done in the off season.

Now with the Millennium Flyers trains it doesn't seem as aggressive as it was with the PTC's(maybe because of the roughness,) but to me it makes it just an all out fun ride. I did notice a lot of shuffling riding in the back seat, but overall it makes the ride so much smoother then it used to be.

The shuffling will continue for a little bit, just until retracking takes place in the worst sections affected by the PTCs.

In other words, it will only get better from here.

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Oh I can't wait! It's time for another Hershey visit. ;)


I hope Busch Gardens Africa gets their act together and gets some MFs for Gwazi because I have only had one good ride on it, so they should get some.

Bolliger/Mabillard for President in '08 NOT Dinn/Summers

And maybe they can put these on SFA's Roar. I love the coaster, but if the MF's improve the Wildcat that much, they'll make the Roar just about perfect!
I get the impression the Wildcat is going to be the "Comeback Ride of the Year"... if there is such an award.

Can''t wait to ride it myself.

It's amazing what quality rolling stock can do!
I hope it didn't ruin the ride like the G-trains did to the Ka-bobs at GL... Im sorry, but id take a ride on the old RWB with the old PTC's ANYDAY. That was fun... Rough yes, but those trains had plenty of padding the ride was nuts. Now it's just beyond boring...

As wildcat is my fav woodie, I just hope it's as intense as ever, and ill be happy.

I keep seeing differing opinions on the new Wildcat trains. (I haven't ridden them yet.) Some people say it's a lot smoother, others say they can hardly tell the difference. Maybe it's temperature-dependent or something.

Any pics out there yet of the new trains out on the track? Besides the couple screamscape had up the other week?

I'd like to see a nice gallery from Hershey's opening weekend.

There are some photos on our intern website. www.greatcoastersinterns.com
Hey cpunk. didn't take you too long to add another notch, er scooter, to your belt, did it? Hope no interns were harmed during the production. :)
Anybody who says they cant tell the difference probably hasn't rode it much. The Wildcat is now re-rideable, which it wasn't before. The whole way the train is set up just makes sense. It works so much better on that style of coaster than a PTC train. I keep hearing people say they like it rough, the like it to hurt. To that I say the linde did all the talking...the lack of line I should say. I think these new trains saved the Cat from an early death...a road it was most definatly heading down!

gary b
I loved how "aggressive" it was, I wouldn't call it rough by any means. Ride SOB for rough, or Villain where it feels like your liver has been re-arranged.

I am looking forward to riding it for sure though, even though I still hope for some "aggressive" shuffle ;)

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I love the new trains .. But not on the Wildcat. The ride is now too much like Lightning Racer, which raises the question, if you ride one, why bother riding the other ? The part that really gets me is that the matchbox-style trains worked for 10 years and now all of a sudden they feel the need to change things up. My most famous saying around here is you don't fix what isn't broken. The idea behind the WC was to create a cyclone type twister, which they did perfectly. Now, with the new trains, you have a really tamed little kitty. This notion of coasters being to rough is something I just can't relate too. I want banged around a little bit, especially on a ride that's supposed to do such a thing. HP has made a lot of decisions that have hit the jackpot, however this wasn't one of them.

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Just when you think you have all the answers, I change the questions !

That is just what I was afraid of.

Oh well, Ill find out in a few weeks!

I am glad they finally made the change. I haven't ridden WC for years because it would actually give me a headache. I have always said it needs GCI's MF trains. I say "Kudos" to HP for giving this once popular ride new life!
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Ugh, sounds like my fears may come true. Wildcat with PTC's is one of my all-time favorite coasters. I love the intense laterals and airtime, much like on Gwazi.

AV Matt
Long live the Big Bad Wolf

It's kind of like comparing Steel Phantom to Phantom's Revenge... some peeps will still long for the brutal Steel version.

I'm glad the WC has Flyer trains now, can't wait to ride it with 'em. One thing for sure, they look better and tear up the track less.

And a biggie for me at least, they are much much much more comfortable than PTC's. This is my opinion only - the new PTC lap bars (well, guess they're not new anymore) make me feel totally PINNED to my seat (I know the pop term is stapled, but I think PINNED is more appropriate).

I would modify the lap bars if I could, but these Flyer trains are roomier and just more comfortable. Not to mention just beautiful.

Now if the WC had PTC's with buzz bars, then it might be slightly different...

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