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I'm hoping to elicit some advice on the best ways to maximize my big summer trip to Hersheypark. We're going at the end of July on a Wednesday and Thursday and I wanted to know what would be the best way to make sure I cover all of the coasters and also ensure I have time for the kids to ride all of the awesome flat rides they have there and visit the zoo and chocolate world. Am I being unrealistic in thinking I can do all of that in two days? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

2 days should be plenty of time to see everything. Wait until later in the day to ride Comet, Skyrush and sooperdooperlooper as most people entering the park goes to those coasters first.

Fahrenheit and Laff Trakk have the 2 longest coaster lines in the park and I would try to ride them early in the day or right before closing.

If you don't care about the waterpark, during the day that draws a lot of people away from the dry rides as well.

Chocolate World is a good place to go in the middle of the day to take a break and shouldn't be crowded then. It is usually busy later in the day when people are done with the park for the day. I was there last week and near closing the main cash registers had at least a 45 minute wait although the dark ride factory tour had a short wait.

As said before, two days should be more than enough time. The lines tend to increase at Laff Trakk and Fahrenheit when the waterpark closes and stay busier than other rides throughout the night.

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Just to reiterate, Fahrenheit is definitely the coaster to hit at opening. It has terrible capacity and is a decent ride in its own right, but it will be a total letdown if you wait 45 minutes for it (which is typical).

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2 days will be enough and you can also take advantage the early entry the night before your first day 2.5 hours before close. Their app posted pretty accurate wait times so you can also "study" before your trip to see what time of day to ride each ride.

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Hersheypark's app is awesome! The free wi-fi in the park is awesome too!

When i went a couple years ago i went right to Skyrush first and got 3 rides on it before any line formed. Then i hit greatbear, Fahrenheit, storm runner and all the other coasters all the way to lightning racer. After i got all the coasters out of the way i started hitting all the flats. Make sure you ride the monorail which i enjoyed.

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