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Monday, June 11, 2001 7:26 AM
I had just finished a day of work on Tidal Force and was back at my home for the summer when my Aunt called. Their family was heading out for a night at the park (they're pass holders and only ever go nights) and wanted to know if I would come along. Sure...

We arrived at 7:45. My cousin and I headed straight for the Bear. Even though he's ridden the ride 50+ times, he had not snagged a front seat ride. We changed that ;). It was only a 15 minute wait for the front, 5 minutes anywhere else on the Bear. -The Bear was running two trains which definitely helped with the wait time. I'm always amazed at how much of a difference a ride on the front seat makes for any invert. The Bear may only be an average invert at best, but the front seat is definitely one of the best rides in the park.-

After a great front seat ride on the Bear, both of my cousins wanted to do Coal Cracker (log flume). There was no line, so we all took a ride. I don't mind this ride, but it's not too exciting. I only ride it if there's no line.

We decided to head out to the Wildcat. We headed back up the queue expecting to see a 10 minute+ wait... but there was NOBODY in the queue. We walked right on in 1-2 and 2-1. I was riding in 1-2 with my cousin. This was my first 'cat ride of the season. From what I remembered from last season, I was expecting a ride similar, in most aspects, to Lightning Racer, though shorter and more intense. Not even close! After the drop, this thing didn't let go. It was waay more rough than last year, but just rough enough to make the ride even better, not painful. Hersheypark claims this thing hits 48mph, but it felt at least 55mph! We raced though the turns with furious speed and when we got to that final helix -- wow. I came off this ride thinking, "Wow, I'd forgotten why this is my favorite ride in the park". The Wildcat definitely remains my #1 wooden coaster.

After that awesome cat ride, we headed on over to the Lightning racer. No wait, but then, is there ever a wait for this coaster? We chose the red (lightning) side. This ride is many times more smooth than the Wildcat (I think do mostly to the Millennium Flyer trains). Still a great wooden twister with awesome banking. I always walk off the LR with a big smile.

It was now 9:15 so we headed on over to the Canyon River Rapids. We walked right on -- got soaked and stayed on for another fun re-ride. I like this ride, but during the day, it always has a very long line. :P

On our way out, we hit the Bumper Cars and finally, we ended our night on the Carousel. All in all, it was an awesome night at the park. I could have gotten many-many times more rides, but I have all summer to get those.



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