Hersheypark SDL down?

What a fun ride, I enjoyed it a few years back at Hershey. It was closed last summer when I went for some reason. I hope it stays, I hate to see old Schwarzy's get torn down.
No one builds rides like this anymore :( And they're fading fast.

I wish Schwarzkopf was still building coasters.

But I think there is a big difference between an old steel coaster and an old woodie in two ways even. First, the materials, sure there are old woodies, but very little of the wood in these oldies is is actually *old* as boards are always being replaced. Not so much with steel. Second is technology, old woodie designs arent *that* much different that new wood designs, so an old woodie can hold its own with newer coasters. However, the tech with steel is today so much more advanced than the time of the standard "corkscrew" coasters and the like. So while older woodie can seem "vintage" to todays riders, old corkscrews and such seem "dated".

And as they say, perception is reality.
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The difference is that old corcscrews were never good to begin with. ;)

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^ Wait until you get to DelGrosso's next year... ;)

For some reason, no idea why, SOME corkscrews just aren't that bad. The vast minority, to be sure.

Antons, however, are ALL good. If operated as intended. Other than Zonga/Tornado and Revulsion, name a bad Anton.

Anton was a Genious....his rides are still smooth as silk today when they're 30 years old. Incredible G's and some of my favorite train designs. His rides are some of the few that take you upside down w/out harnesses which I think ruin the ride.

I don't see why Hershey needs to add magnetic brakes to this classic....SDL can run in the rain right? Unlike Dorney's Laser...so I don't see what the problem is with the brakes. Whatever they do they better not add shoulder harnesses...I think in that case it would be better off removed. *** Edited 9/17/2006 11:37:10 AM UTC by scraperguy99***

This is a complete guess, but, I would think if they add mag brakes to the ride it will be for the final stop. The traditional brakes take quite a beating at the end of the ride, although not nearly as bad as they did when the ride first opened. The addition of the MCT helped that out immensely.

I am glad to hear that SDL will still be around. What's funny, when I rode it the year it opened, it was considered a high-intensity thrill ride. Now, it's like a family coaster. Amazing how times change....

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