Hersheypark March Sweetness

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Hersheypark is running a promotion now through March 31st for $14 dollars off regular admission. The tickets you purchase now must be used by July 1st. It does not include Springtime in the Park, just regular operating days in May and June.

Also, I have a question for those of you who have done the preview plan. Were you able to do the preview plan with discounted tickets? (from Giant, AAA, etc.) I just want to make sure if I get these March Sweetness tickets that I can do the preview plan thing in June.

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Last summer I was able to use the "Bring a Friend" discount coupons I received with my season pass for the preview night for Jeff and Diana.

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Carousel, are you talking about admission the 2 1/2 hours the evening before? This is what is says on their website:

The Preview plan is a SWEET way to maximize your visit. All single or multi-daytickets (including those bought online, via group sales, Giant, AAA, etc)qualify for this SWEET deal! Just present your ticket at the gate after 7:30PM and enjoy all of the rides and shows all evening long! (Not valid on Sunset,Consecutive Day or ConcertSpecial Admission)

It seems like the March Sweetness tickets would qualify, but I would call the ticket office to verify before buying them.

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KGC, we did this last year with tickets purchased up the street at Giant. The person at the parking gate made sure to tell us to save our receipt so we could park for free the next day. This shocked me that they only charged parking once too.

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RGB, yes I mean the 2 and 1/2 hours preview the night before. I had thought it said on their website it was available if you purchased a full-price ticket for the next day but it actually said full-day ticket. I should have read it more thoroughly.

Dave, yes I knew the parking was included. That is a nice bonus. :)

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