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Arrived to the parking lot around 1:30 pm...before going to the park, I went to the season pass office to process my 2008 pass. I never actualy walked up to the museum area before, really nice building as well as the season pass office. I'll have to actually check out the museum someday.

Then I had to run back to my car and drop off my season pass booklet and just for safekeeping the pass too since I had to run back anyway. Intresing note, it looks like Hershey is sticking with a new 2007 style logo....as this logo appears on my 08' pass and materials.....I was hoping they would go back to the pinwheel logo since I really liked that one and it seemed to work so well with everything in the park.

I finally made it into the then empty park by 2pm. I was expecting alot more people in the park from the start of the day like usual at Hershey...but luckily for me, most of the GP held off til between 4-5.

First ride of the day was a great front seat ride on Comet....the trim on the 2nd hill seemed to be turned off or turned down really low. I assume this was because it was a cool day and the trains were just warming up first thing in the day.

Then I rode the monorail which was actually running both trains with an empty park....nice change from what seems like almost standard practice the past few years of only running one train even on busy days.

I was hungry but saw from the monorail ride that the big meat stand appeared closed...so I grabbed some Boardwalk Fries....then hit-up Trailblazer....running 2 trains as well...waitago Hershey! I guess they were just starting the day with max units everywhere to be ready for the mobs that would un-doubtably arrive in the evening.

Then I saw that the meat stand was open so I NEEDED to eat again....

Now here come's the surprise gem of the day....

I don't care what people want to say about boomerangs....Sidewinder is an awsome ride. I was only really going to ride it because I it's a classic ride and I pretty much know it's days are probably numbered...I usually don't go out of my way to ride this. I dunno if it was just a good day for the ride or what, but it delivered a great ride...no headbanging...fairly smooth all the way through. Great forces on this thing. They also keep it in tip-top shape. Great looking station and landscaping...and it looks like it was recently painted...(though it looks like it got a Steel Force paint job-parts of it look most noticeably the 2nd spike). I actualy rode it twice, both front seat...this was the first time I can ever remember re-riding Sidewinder. They also added extra padding to the OTSRs within the past 2-3 years I think....I think this must help alot too. Overall great ride...definatly will be earning an additional point or 2 in my book.

Then I did LR twice....and some flat ride action....then headed for SDL....only to find a decent sized line (around 5:15)......so I skipped it....when SDL has a big line it's time to call it a day lol...

Really glad I got in for opening....most of the GP tends to arrive at night to look at the pretty lights and stand in long lines...while us enthusisasts come early for walk-ons :)

Great day, got alot done in only about 3 hours....

Ride totals:

Comet: 1

Monorial: 1

TB: 1

Sidewinder: 2

LR: 2

Flying Falcon: 3

Kissing Tower: 1

Thanks for the report. I'm going tomorrow (Sunday) with a neice & nephew as we all got season passes this year for the first time ever. Interesting note on the Sidewinder as I can remember when this ride (and those of it's ilk) were THE ride wherever they were installed. I will be sure to take a ride because it would be nice to enjoy it again. We intend to arrive at opening and stay to go through ZooAmerica's Creatures of the Night once night falls. Sure am glad they included these type of events in with the season pass this year, it helped to sell me on one.
I am heading there tomorrow. We are hoping it won't be crowded at all. That's why we didn't go today.
Likewise, I will be there tomorrow. MrZero... I'm not going to say don't do ZooAmerica, Because I am sure the kids will enjoy it, but I just want to prepare you that (atleast in my opinion) it doesn't live up to what I expected. Enjoy the day though...looks like its gonna be a beautiful fall day. I love Stormrunner in the quiet, cold crisp air. last year this time, it was in the low 40's, and we were the only ones on the whole train on SR. We came back in station, still nobody, and got to go again. That was bliss, cold but beautiful!

gary b
Sunday evenings are usually much less crowded than Saturdays. I'm hoping to get there tomorrow to get a season pass for next year too.
Thanks for lowering my ZooAmerica expectations Gary. We'll still give it a walk through as it is something different. Besides, not the most patient kids in the world, especially at Hershey since they've done the rides a bunch this summer. When I've taken them elsewhere (i.e. a Disney park) they can be somewhat more accommodating. Although that may be because Uncle Keith is willing to run the park for fastpasses. I think I'll even break out my CP Halloweekends sweatshirt since I couldn't talk the Mrs. into a trip out there this year.
I always enjoy ZooAmerica...but I've never been to the creatures of the night....I was at the park solo yesterday....but I'm sure I'll be visiting ZooAmerica again durring Candylane.

My favorite part is the desert/desert in darkness...always thought it was cool.

Just got back and we enjoyed Creatures of the Night. I'm not sure we saw anything extra from the animals at night versus daylight but still fun. We did get to touch a snake and a crocodile/alligator. Sure there's a difference but all I need to know is I don't see one as a pet in my house any time soon. HersheyPark crowds were very light. I remember reading that last year for Sundays during this event and it held true for today also. Rode several coasters, saw the Screamin' Mummies rock band (very good) and ate some food around the park. Good day.

Oh, and my nephew wanted to know who thought Sidewinder was runnings smoother. I'd have to agree with him however he was the one who picked the back seat. Perhaps not the truest test for a possible improvement. *** Edited 10/29/2007 3:11:52 AM UTC by MrZero***


Was Great Bear closed? When I went last October it closed early and when I was there last Easter it wasn't open at all, so I've never had a truly dark and cold Great Bear ride.

You're lucky you got a good Comet ride. Every time I've been there either the trim brake has been on hard or the line has been so long there's no way I would sacrifice time on other rides to find out.

I don't know how it was on Saturday, but the only coaster not operating Sunday night was the Soaker. They did close the queue for LR by 8:45, which kinda sucked, although there weren't many people riding by then.
Yeah, I was lucky to have a great Comet ride....I think if they did away with that brake they might have a top-ten ride. It's so good, and I love the classic look of the station and skids and the classic out and back layout....but that trim really takes alot away from the ride.

And yes, Great Bear was running Saturday.

What is the purpose of that brake on the Comet anyway? If it wasn't there, would there be a negative affect?

gary b

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