Hersheypark in the Dark?

What kind of crowds do they get on a Saturday? Are the lines tolerable?
Don't know, but I'm gonna go tomorrow anyway, so I guess I'll find out! :)

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I was there last Saturday and had a great time. Lines were shortest earlier in the day, and after 8:00pm. Get there early, and you'll be able to do everything that you want many times over. *** Edited 10/27/2007 1:52:58 AM UTC by tommyo***
I heard it was extremely crowded last Saturday. That was because the weather was lousy on Friday (heavy rain) and sunny and beautiful on Saturday.
Oh wait, that sounds exactly like this weekend too. Probably will be on the crowded side. But I'm sure it will still be a fun time.
I was there last sunday. I always take the back seat to talk to the tram op, and I was told on Saturday, the parking lot was soo full they had no where else to park people! Folks at that point I would go to Wendy's, then call it a day!

gary b
Wendys? My brother and I went there after the park closed last weekend - long drive-thru line, surly staff, and inedible food.
I usually try avoiding fast food joints (well I try avoiding McDonalds and Wendys all together) but especially ones right next to parks. Usually better to stop someplace on the way home off the highway.
Ok Ok, I actually agree about the Wendy's next to the park. Not good. It was just a figure of speech though, not endorsing them! I'm sure you get my drift

gary b

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