Hersheypark Happy Theme Song

Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the Hersheypark happy theme song? I CAN'T GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD! haha!
The Christmas in Hershey song? That thing is so catchy!
No its the song that they play at the entrance and at other spots in the park on occasion. The christmas in hershey song is another goodie.
You mean "Hersheypark happy--- Hersheypark glad-- so many things to see and do-- good times to be had?" I'm pretty sure you can hear it on the park website. In fact, I'm certain that damn song started playing on my computer at work once when I was trying to sneak a peek at the website once.

Funny they haven't made a compilation CD yet with all the candy related songs they play over the loudspeakers. I Want Candy, Candy Man, Sugar Sugar, Lollipop... (and there's soooo many more they could add that they don't currently play).

But I guess the whole royalties thing gets more complicated if you're selling the songs instead of just playing them.

GoodBear, how can you forget this diddy:

Hershey Chocolate, Hershey Chocolate, Hershey's Chocolate bar! Where ever you go, no matter how far, you're always near a Hershey bar! HERSHEY! THE GREAT American Chocolate bar!

Thats the one that always sticks with me the most anytime I go there.

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"Hey come enjoy it. It's a winter wonderland. So full of magic. It's Hershey Christmas time again. Carolers singing. (fa la la la la la la) Twinkling lights aglow. Bells are ringing. Little reindeer in the snow. Christmas in Hershey...the sweetest place on Earth...Hershey."

That's the only song I can get their website to play. I also caught it over the speakers leaving the park this year. It happened to be right before getting into car and I was humming it all the way back to NYC.

I hate to admit it, but that "stupid" jingle actually got me excited enough over Christmas to plan our trip to Hershey this year. I'm so glad I did too because we had a blast.

I have been to HP probably 50 times this summer alone...that song hasn't been so engraved into my brain as it is now...If I listen to it, it will stop hopefully lol.

Good story Tim!

The Christmas jingle is on the webpage for Christmas candylane. The rest of the site seems to be pretty silent. But you can get...

"Ready for some fun, beyond the castle walls, love to go to Dutch Wonderland, cause you can do it all... gonna ride the rides, gonna get wet, gonna see Duke the Dragon, what'd you bet... it's a kingdom for kids... Dutch Wonderland."

I've heard that one hundreds of times on the radio this summer.

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