Hersheypark and Dorney Park 5/4/08

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I've only seen the construction of the waterpark in 06', and the pictures of what the finished product looks like.

With that said, without a lazy river and a decent size wavepool to siphon off people, I really don't think they have much of a choice from what people have been saying about the crowds.

I picked up some discount coupons today, and Fahrenheit gets dual billing with East Coast Waterworks. Clearly, HP doesn't think that they have a problem, and they want people to come back for more.

I'll be the odd man out in that I actually love waterparks, but, why take a great idea like Midway America and then stick a modern, brightly colored waterpark in the center of it? It doesn't make much sense.

scraperguy99 said
The clerk said he's had alot of season pass holders today...and said it seemed like a pretty good value (the 15% discount)...I just responded with a yeah, and told him I have passes for Six Flags and Dorney but Hershey's is the only one that gives you a food discount.

Sorry to double-post but I forgot to add that I get 20% off food and beverages at SFA with my Premium Pass. I also just found out I get one free cabana rental in Hurricane Harbor. Who'd ever think they'd give one of those away?

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